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One More Bar



At first, when people kept giving me options of bars around in the 11eme arrondissement, they repeatedly kept saying ”There is One More Bar”. Which one? ”One More Bar, and so the conversation continued until we finally recognized that its name is actually One More.

For the ones that have visited comptoir General, (and that is many), you guys will definitely feel the recognition once entering the doors of One More. Since its so well hidden, and kind of secretly pops up in the street, you actually get surprised by the African touch and loud interior. Not to mention the heat that blows on you like a wind of sauna heat when you step in to this dance maniac venue. The first impression was: Comptoir Generals little sister, or maybe cousin. Drinks are slightly different but still keeping the exotic touch, whilst beer prices and supply were pretty much identical.

The night you decide to visit, One More, you might want to prepare with some light clothing and dance shoes, because if you want to have fun in here, you better step in to the moving crowd and go woth them moves. Standing in a sauna drinking cocktail after cocktail and just watching dance rings, pros, breakdance, salsa, trapping, hip hop and so on being performed on the dancefloor is no fun, aja baja. You ought to be in it! Surely you will also hear hints of deep house and techno every once in a while, but it is the mix of music genres that is working your heart rate like interval sessions.


Keep it up together with the crowd and you will not be disappointed, sweaty for sure, but definately satisfied. If you want to have a nice beer and chat with your friends then get don’t even bother coming here, you can neither hear them or chill them. (Unless you go to the back by the scene where you can relax at a table), which most likely has available seats since no one goes there anyway..

One more thing, its open until 4AM which practically makes it a club, or the cousin of the club.

What to drink?  The selection of cocktails with passion fruit, or a safe card Mojito.

Price range: $$-$$$

44 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris

Pernian Farahani

20 May 2016



Once again we are on the hunt for a nice well-hidden exclusive secret bar in Paris. Now this one is yet another fascination.

Before any facts and descriptions, Moonshiner in a way sounds like a place full of unicorns on the walls followed by hanging stars and glitter, followed by glasses filled with dreamy cocktails.

Well, not exactly…

At rue Sedaine you will find a typical Italian pizzeria, empty as f*ck. Wtf is this?

Don’t be fooled dear readers, if you enter this pizzeria, do NOT order a Margherita at the desk with extra parmeggiano, for you will be kicked out. Just step in like it’s your 10th time visiting this unicorn “pizzeria” and continue through the brown door and a new world opens up. A rather small dark jazzy 20s bar with a round comptoir that welcomes you in to this heavenly secret bar. Cristal glasses (if you order Whiskey drinks), home brewed beer called Moonshiner (ofc) and with a touch of rustic furniture and brick walls in this dark area.


The idea is to take you back to the artistic and chic years in Paris where feathers were worn on the forehead and where cigarettes were smoked with a holder. Grab your drink from the bar and move your way through to the smoking area, where big couches and low tables are set for you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Even if the place is small, the charm still lingers and the fact that this is a secret bar makes it all even more exclusive. If you are looking for a more sophisticated, a bit more expensive bar with decent drinks, Moonshiner is a perfect spot to gather with your friends and get that jazzy atmosphere you can only get in Paris!


Adress : 5 Rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris, France
Phone : +33 9 50 73 12 99
Hours : 18:00–02:00
FB :

Pernian Farahani


22 March 2016


Hiding behind what seems to be the fasade of an old drug cartel or abandoned local, walls covered in gold quilted fabric hide an oasis of 90’s retro music and the best drinks in the area. Given the fact that Rue Saint Denis is known for the ladies that work at night, it also has some of the better places to drink in the area.


An emerging area for smaller clubs, cool restaurants upping the quality, Le Syndicat is camouflaged in what seems to be expectations of it’s former status: trashy. This makes it quite difficult to find, for the untrained eye: one would imagine monkey business when seing such a fasade and a big guy with two smoking hot girls right in front of the door. Dont be alarmed! You want to be part of it – believe us.

Entering to this glamorous neo-gangster bar at 51 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, one can sit among strangers by the sofa in the next room, or sit by one of the tables along the gold-covered walls. The ceiling is tiled in matt white tiles, where people have stuck those coins not even the homeless will accept – you know those amounts going from nothing to less-than-that, that seems to be their insurance or a starry sky when you’re from the hood. Then comes the bar: a rustic and very elevated bar, has probably as many bottles of different and exclusive alcohols as you can imagine. Yes, ask for whatever you want here and they will do it amazingly, but one thing is important: only french alcohols are served here. The name, which literally means trade- or labor-union, stands behind an ideology of french ”pouvoir d’achat” supporting french brewers and producers – and their own takes on classics are pretty amazing! Well… all but the Gen and tonic… don’t drink that shit; 12€ you wont ever get back.

12421306_10153606837714200_337338865_n  12325143_10153606837759200_97674038_nDrink menues vary, and new ideas pop up to keep you interested as a costumer – although the drinks are so good you might get attached to one in particular, this bar is more of an experience rather than a ”bar du cartier”. The prizing isn’t high for the quality of the beverages – around 12€ for the majority of the drinks – although service might need to revalue their speed. The prizes are accustomed to the majority of the bars in Paris, but they have the goods to compete with a five-star hotel. Be prepared to try new stuff, to be surprised by asking yourself ”how can those two things go together and taste this good?”. Much like a rotten treasure chest, this exterior does not compare to the quality of the drinks, the chill and relaxed ambiance with that cockiness we all love to hate – yet are so attracted to.

Decadence is better with a drink in your hand, while old tunes play the memories of your youth: who knew Salt-N-Pepa could taste so good?

Le Syndicat

Adress: 51 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris
Phone: 06 66 63 57 60
Open every day from 18h-02h

Daniel M. Nino Cortés


11 March 2016


lavomaticThe secret bar concept has existed for a while now and appears in its different variations in many cities in the world. As this concept is drawing more and more attention from curious night life lovers, wanting to keep up with the hip and trendy bar life, these secret venues are becoming more of a mystery. You have to keep the spark! Paris has a bunch of these hidden bars just waiting to be explored, but how to find them?

Our first beloved secret bar in Paris is Lavomatic. Located right next to Republique/Temple on a little side road called Rue René Boulangere. The sign LAVOMATIC is situated right above just another random laundromat. The secret is to find the door that looks like a washing machine. Once you find it you need to push the right button on it and voila, the door opens up to a dark stairway up to…

Well, we do not want to spoil all the fun, but lets say you enter a small welcoming apartment-looking space with poles, swings and couches whith joyful Parisians and awfully strange drinks. Here its all about being brave! With strange names and even stranger ingrediences, these drinks are worth trying out. Smoky salmon, onion, tobacco, ginger, egg and caviar are just a few flavors to mention that may appear in your 10€ drink. The beer and wine on the other hand are fine, yet expensive!

Even though the drinks are disgusting (yes we have tried a bunch of them) the concept itself is fun and it doesn’t change the fact that Lavomatic possesses a very lovable atmosphere where people feel like they are at a house party. This secret bar is perfect during winter sessions where you wanna heat up in a laundry place!


30 Rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris
Opening hours: 18h-02h
FB :

Pernian Farahani


11 Aug 2015

LaPlage de Glazart



A beach party sounds like a great deal in Paris, specially since there is no actual beach there, how does it work? No worries, at LaPlage de Glazart things are organized to give you the maximum beach feeling.

10-13 euros entrance is a good deal when you enter at midnight in to a well known summer club. Specially when it’s open until 7 AM. Sun loungers are decorating the entrance until you reach the big scene where Paris techno is being released from the speakers. So where is the beach? Well, the dance floor IS the beach, just take off your shoes and enjoy the white sand that has been spread to make your dance moves softer. The bar is just behind and you can get a pint for 7 euros which is alright for being Paris, although we all know that wine is a lot cheaper. Portable toilets are better than no toilets at all, but during late hours you might want to stay away from these for hygienic reasons, which is probably the only thing we would like to change about this place.

What we really enjoyed with this club was that it totally gives you the ultimate summer atmosphere and of course, the music! The techno was at its top until about 4:30 AM when they changed for the last DJ who seemed to be a beginner at mixing, other than that there are no doubts that the music has quality, and with a perfectly good line-up. The sound system was also satisfying, specially for being an Open Air. Glazart will show off as an exotic club for tourists and even Parisians, you get the opportunity to meet a different crowd and vibe, in other words, LOCALS! Compared to many of the other well known clubs in the city. Glazart is definitely worth visiting during the hot summer months and to enjoy some good electronic music and plastic glass beer! All is good.

An opportunity to get away from tourists also!

Pernian Farahani

2 June 2015


This weekend it was time to go all in. Literally. Club YOYO has once a month a guest hosting one of the best soirées in Paris — that of course if you’re not afraid of the night. This marvelous venue that looks like a post-modernist theater, cleansed off the seats hoping their guests dance their behinds off, inspires a feeling of underground going cool. Since it is a monthly event, tickets are available to purchase on-line for 16€ or ”sur-place” for 20€ at the entrance. Keep in mind that this is not the regular ”I’ll-just-go-next-week-party” and the queue will be longer than the urinals at a festival — it will probably take an hour or two — but having a ticket will secure your entrance in case it gets filled up. As said before, the venue feels giant, and very like the ”Musée de l’art moderne de Paris” aesthetic it is refreshing even though you’re sweating like a hooker in church, and dancing like you just had your first epileptic-seizure. This night in particular the music was hosted by DJ’s Terry Vietheer, Jonjo Jury, Whitney Weiss where in my opinion Jonjo killed it.

On stage — because there is a real fucking huge stage — performances by the ”Club Sandwich Drag Family” are to entertain the audience and rally the crowd/dance-floor which gives a huge energy to the room. The tipping point was an incredible ”Body-art” performance by Marilyn Monroe, kind of. Making the audience drop their jaws, show-girl Allanah Starr came in nothing but paint recreating a pop-art classic: Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe. The performance was nothing was apparently one of Allanah’s iconic performances, and it shows why. After the performance had ended, it was back to the bar for a much needed cool-off that became a chock when seeing that a little can of one-euro-beer-down-the-street-at-the-market was sold for half of the entrance price. If you’re not smuggling in some alcohol, the end-prize of this whole night might be a bit expensive. Although a Vodka Redbull is at a more normal price (12€) it feels like the waiting line just got a whole new meaning and a better use for next time. Alcohol should be used with responsibility, and Club Sandwich will help you ask yourself if you really need that fifth shot at least three times.

The event felt like coming right out of new Studio 54 remake in Paris by John Waters in a modern way. The ”Good Boy” theme was unexpected, and it felt refreshing getting something else than gorgeous women being put on pedestals — we’ve all seen it before, get over it. Shirts flew off and the tension in the room could have been cut with a cheese knife saying only one thing: SEX. It was an amazing night with performances worth more than the cover-charge, which itself made the energy better that expected. It is far from a ”every-day-shit” and one does not just wander into Club Sandwich by mistake, yet if you get there by any unexpected turn of events just enjoy it.

Daniel M. Nino Cortés

Listen to Jonjo here:

18 May 2015



This Saturday Illegal Ground got the opportunity to visit one of the well known summer events in Paris. Au Garden Paris Open Air is a day festival running every Sunday with start from May until mid-September and has made Sunday become the new Saturday. With its location just outside of Paris you can already sense the underground vibe. The area might not be the prettiest you’ve seen, with dumped caravans and piles of garbage the temptation of going to a party hangs on a thin line. But as soon as you find the entrance to the colorful festival area you will not regret the 40 minutes spent in metro line 5 to 93000 Bobigny.

Around 4 pm we arrive to a sunny backyard that almost looks like a schoolyard, and we have the whole day ahead of us as the festival closes at midnight. Colorful flowers and rainbows on the walls, plastic footballs rolling around on the dance floor, a couple of tropical benches where people can relax after dancing hysterically on a spot covered with artificial grass. Behind us we see a man pedaling around in the area with his bike to the techno beats, meanwhile a couple is playing badminton and drinking cool beer that was served for 6 euros/pint (which is affordable in Paris).

When we arrived, the parisian DJ Eliott Litrowski was playing a slightly hardcore and excellent techno, and when you can see the DJ dance along to his own music, you know he is good! Besides the fact that parisians actually CAN dance to techno music, here they even do it with hula hoops tossing around their body. The audience is happy, the DJ is happy, everybody is happy! Behind the other scene there were two middle-aged DJs mixing rave, house and dupstep. Really good, but exhausting! Such a fortune that a terrace with wooden seats was right behind us along with a trunk selling French fries, Croque monsieur and other delicacies you wish to eat after hours of drinking and dancing.

The biggest performer this evening was Dekmantel, and well, Dekmantel is Dekmantel. It’s hard to be in the same league as these Amsterdam princes, but we are convinced that the French warmup from Litrowski definitely was needed as it brought a successful party mode to the festival. France can remain proud knowing that nobody messes with their techno. The festival had its peak around 6-9 pm and during the late hours there is only one scene/dance floor left, still going strong. The only shame with the festival is the distance from Paris city centre, and on a rainy day one can probably figure out the consequences. Otherwise we are fully satisfied with Au Garden Paris Open Air and can’t wait until next Sunday. Illegal Ground recommends parisians as much as tourists to visit Au Garden Paris if you are a fan of electro like us!

Check out our instagram for videos @illegalground!

Pernian Farahani







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