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March 27th 2017

Spazio Soundsystem

There’s a minimal chance to get disappointed when Spazio Soundsystem is involved, creating an atmosphere both to dance or just have a drink (or five) in. Yesterday, they were back at Babel (the bar) with something sturdy we could lean on while mingling with the undistinguished crowd of youngsters in chunky sneakers and heels (fans of the ‘post future poptrap’ happening at the other dancefloor). It was pretty cool – but far from what presumably will go down next weekend.
It’s been a struggle following Francis Inferno Orchestra on Instagram the last few months since the Melbourne-based dj, along with Mount Liberation Unlimited among other disco champions, has been kicking it in Australia while we’ve been forgetting what heat even feels like. We only have to hold on a few more days, however, because after being rescheduled, FIO is finally visiting Malmö (Plush, Inkonst, 31/3).Talk about heat!
Another reason to be turnt is Kajsa Lindström’s birthday, presented by Kiloton, a block away at Babel. Except resident dj:s (Kajsa L and Per Hammar) Stockholm-based Halloomi member Flord King will be there to get us lit. As if we wouldn’t be already!

Alice Dadgostar

February 19th 2017

Johanna Knutsson @ Inkonst

Man, I love Johanna Knutsson. I’m not usually the biggest fan of hardboiled techno but what Johanna made last night was nothing but perfect. Last time I went to see her was at Rio Rio in Gothenburg a while ago, knowing nothing except that she was kicking ass in Berlin. As we all know, the pitch doesn’t have to last long if it involvs the german utopia of pretty much everyone who’s reading this. With Fee Fi Fo Fum royalty Magnus Nylander on the schedule as well, I entered the place with high expectations. What made the ambience mediocre pretty much throughout the whole night, unfortunately, was partly the weird venue. Partly, it was because of the crowd consisting almost entirely of a buffet of dudebros in Vans. And don’t get me wrong, skateboarders are fabulous in many ways – god bless – but it sorta killed the mood to feel like we were at an Junkyard sale for men only. Too bad really, with dj:s like that booked.

Inkonst last night was nothing like Rio Rio. Johanna Knutsson, along with Jennifer
Dahlgren among others, killed it from the start. People were fairly cooked, yes, but the music was without a doubt the main reason why many of us got real loose on the dancefloor. And heaps of girls! It remains a mystery why Johanna doesn’t attract a larger crowd. Most of us are pretty poor this time of the month but please, whatever time it is, make sure not to bail on Johanna Knutsson next time she’s in town. Especially if you, like me, are trying to open the door to darker techno but still don’t want to let go of disco.

Speaking of disco – Kornél Kovács is playing in Copenhagen this weekend (Culture Box, 25/2) and holy fucking shit, am I excited. Stay tuned for yet another rant about how tremendous Studio Barnhus is. I know, it’s the most uncontroversial thing you could come up with these days but it’s so hard not to pour unconditional love on MLU, Lukas Nystrand von Unge, Kornél and the rest of the masterminds who makes us proud to be Swedish despite the embarassing political situation.
As if that wasn’t enough – Kiloton is back at Babel on friday (24/2) with residents Kajsa Lindström and Per Hammar.
Cakes on top of cakes, guys. Tight!

Alice Dadgostar

13th February 2017


Malmö is a city where you could find raves in the range of anything between fantastic and absolute shit. If you’re in town and don’t want to take a risk, Inkonst is at your service. Not only because you’re into speed, girls in chokers and huge down jackets or the e-cigarette -and tribal culture in general, but because a good venue could really make up for a lot.

I didn’t have any expectations at first. Judging from the cover, I could only assume it would be a semi tribute to the typical hipster having a creative profession and an open relationship with ‘the internet’, The North Face and palm trees.

We came early to avoid standing in line and ended up sort of dancing in the blue the way you do when you can’t figure out if the music is cool or just weird. Basically a classic experimental music situation. Within a few hours, DJ Swedbank among others did raise the bar and got most people dancing. Unfortunately, it never got off the roof the way I was hoping for after being pleasantly surprised by their stuff on Soundcloud. They did successfully manage, though, to gather a large amount of 20-something boys in large white t-shirts and gave most people a reason to stay all night.
My guess is that we’re all going to stay as long as we possibly can in a few weeks when lord Francis Inferno Orchestra is back in Sweden (Inkonst, 17/3), hopefully ready to blow our minds as he usually does.

Alice Dadgostar
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