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¨March 12th 2017

Edinburgh: Shapework

Add Fitzroy (the Melbournian Urban Outfitters for adults starring a marathon of poached eggs/avocado on sourdough and wooden interiors) to an episode of Emmerdale – and you have Edinburgh. You can’t possibly go any whiter than that. With that being said, I really have to say that I haven’t met people as genuinely friendly as the Scottish in a long time – perhaps because of the vibrant working class vibe. Therefore I was pretty keen to find out what the club scene would have in store.

A friend described the crowd at Shapework, a monthly night at The Mash House, as “trippy”. I saw that as a good sign. On the schedule for the evening was Paris-based Simo Cell, whose music is tricky to categorize. Presenting material on a scale from fully experimental to pure disco, it was hard to predict how the evening would turn out music wise. Nevertheless, we went there with high expectations.

The main difference between going out in Sweden and in Scotland is that people couldn’t care less about status in a place like the Mash House compared to any ‘cool’ place in Stockholm or Gothenburg. The guards were nice. The bartenders were nice. No one gave a fuck about reputation, age or looks – everyone was doing their thing. The music might not have been epic but I was so excited to be able to stop caring about who’s cool and who’s not. Edinburgh brought us a techno scene without hierarchy.


If you’re planning to visit Edinburgh sometime soon, make sure it’s around april 16th. Terminal V, an all day event presenting Jeremy Underground and legend Carl Craig with heaps of other artists (and more to be announced) is happening at a secret location. Go, go, go!

Alice Dadgostar

March 4th 2017

Culture Box: Kornél Kovacs

Although the colour of the concrete has been the same as the sky in Malmö for ages, we have to admit that spring is in the air. Sure, everything feels like summer for a week after Kornél Kovács took us for a ride (competition was hard at Grammisgalan with both Dorisburg and Studio member Dan Lissvik in the run but nothing made us as blissed-out as The Bells last year) at Culture Box last weekend.

I was pretty surprised by the venue, that reminded me of Slakthuset in Stockholm. It doesn’t usually matter that much who’s booked – clubs with several dancefloors and a 20-year-olds-with-vodka-redbull aura can never really make you feel relaxed. However, the danish version (plus of course the unbelieavably cheap shots) managed to bring us something we could dance to wherever we were. Also, the crowd was far from older dudes in groups doing coke (the typical Slakthuset scenario). It’s nice to see chicks above the age of 25 for once, along with ‘normal’ people who clearly wasn’t there just to get cooked. Above all, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Even a friend of mine who’s not really into electronical music thought Kornél absolutely smashed it.

Alice Dadgostar

March 1st 2016

ByDay ByNight at Bloc, Hackney

While Fabric was a major let down, I was actually lucky enough to experience one of London’s real underground warehouse parties. These parties are arranged on a pretty regular basis, in the outskirts of town in run down old looking factory venues, much like Gothenburg. For this occasion they had booked awesome xxxy, which I was very excited about.

The venue and music for the night was amazing, it took forever to get there and forever to get back to the place we were staying but was definitely worth it. The crowd was dancing, enjoying the music and being really friendly.

People that are attracted to these kind of parties seem (in my experience) to be on the younger side in London. I figured most people were my age, whereas in Sweden the age range is pretty broad.

Xxxy’s set was very cool, starting off directly with heavy house, basically forcing the crowd to dance from beginning to end. It was also fun to see the DJ really engaging with the crowd, smiling and just having a general laugh with us inbetween the mixing.

So, whenever you’re travelling to London, my advice is to really dig to find these hidden gems instead of turning to the more available (shittier) options such as the mainstream electronic clubs.

Leyla Ekelund

September 24 2016

We’re invited to celebrate the ten years anniversary of the London-based club and record label Electric Minds in Copenhagen in October and got the opportunity to interview them regarding their events, anniversary and future plans! Electric Minds is touring across Europe for their tenth anniversary, Culturebox in Copenhagen being their first stop. Tickets to the event are found here.

Hello Dolan, tell me a little about yourself and Electric Minds!p1740851-1

Hello.  So electric minds started as a party in East London and after some years of working regularly with a pool of Djs we decided to start a label under the same name to release music we enjoyed.  electric minds was born out of a DIY approach to producing parties in pop up locations.   Before electric minds I used to work for record labels so I have a music background but decided to work full time on the parties and labels 3 years into the project.

Electric minds being a record label as well as a club concept, have released music from several great producers. For the event in Copenhagen you’re bringing along Move D, how would you describe his music? What can we expect from his set the 21st?

Move D’s discography stretches back to the early 90s, its fair to say he’s an electronic producer but his influences and production styles are very varied.   I think he has a very subtle theme running through his releases, they are rich in texture and are always produced very well.   David’s productions are deep, a spacey kind of sound that you can easily get lost in.  He has a skill of creating a groove out of what can seem like sparse or simple sounds which is a really hard thing to do.

In terms of the 21st there are always a few surprises, whether its a cover of Jim Hendrix or a forgotten house gem from past decades Move D’s sets are always a lot of fun.

Why did you choose to arrange the event at the venue Culture Box?

I was introduced to Culture Box by Move D’s agent and Strøm programmer, Pernille Krogmog.  I was also aware of the club via its co-owner’s (Kenneth Christiansen ) excellent Echocord record label, as I hadnt been buying the releases for a little while.   In 2015 we headed to Culture Box for the first time and found a club with great sound and friendly people, so it was a easy decision to ask to return as part of our 10th anniversary tour.   We are also working with Kenneth in London to present the 15th anniversary of Echocord as part of The 2016 Hydra series.  Its always great when we’re able to open up these collaborations and return the hospitality we receive from our partners.

You’re also arranging an event in Paris, what’s going to be different from the one in Copenhagen?

We’ve been lucky to arrange a 10th anniversary tour in 2016 across many cities and each one is different in its own right.  There is a theme running through all of the events with DJs that have joined us over the years but each city has its own character and music scene.  Its amazing to be able to share these experiences with the friends that we’ve made by producing the parties in London over the last 10 years.

And what’s the plans for the future? Electric Mind has established itself well these past 10 years, what are your vision for the next decade?

By the time we reach you in Copenhagen we’ll have an announcement to cover electric minds’ future.  So right now we cant quite reveal those plans yet but its coming very soon, haha.
Leyla Ekelund


September 5 2016


SECRET BAR – Paradiso Cocktail Bar

mixologerWalking on the streets of Barcelona and finding your way around the city is a pretty decent skill. Now, try without getting lost to find a secret bar and you are a true Barcelona member. One of many secrets of Barcelona is hiding right between Barceloneta and El Born. Do not be fooled by the exterior of this hidden cocktail bar, it’s not another tapas place!


Paradiso is a high class, 20s looking cocktail bar that offers the prettiest and strangest drinks you can find in the city. With a full base house in the background you are sipping cocoa covered drinks that makes your hands all powdery brown and tasty. Or why not sip on their pigeon-looking tall drink with lemon flavors or scroll through their various menu of 10€ drinks until you find the ONE. Each gourmet cocktail has its own unique story behind, and it is only when you try them that you will understand the secret of each drink. Yum! Paradiso is considered to be one of many gems in the city and if you manage to find your way here, you are one lucky son of a b*tch.


PS. Try to get a spot seated in the bar to get a chance to spy on the genius mixologists and watch their art become reality. Paradiso is the perfect spot for Gatsby freaks who like to enjoy gourmet drinks with clean electro as a warm up to the heavier type of party later on.

Pernian Farahani

September 21 2015



For a few years, Barcelona has been denominated a European fashion capital. This has attracted businesses, people and has opened for a far bigger market than we have ever had before — this was once the go-to-city for the residents of the south of France, since Paris was much further away. This seaside cosmopol has of course developed a field of entertainment and leisure, which is without doubt competing with the world elite. The catalan way of being is here the shining diamond; a laid-back attitude, with a je ne sais quoi that takes life-philosophy beyond epicurism and separates the club culture from what Barcelona is best at: enjoying life. This is enjoyed best at a place hidden in the middle of the typical Barcelona area El Born.

In front of Mercat del Born, there is a door that holds a work of art. Spelling GUZZO on top of its entrance, this is a bar with many surprises — all of the good kind. When judging the quality of a bar, reviewers look at the decor, the quality of the drinks, quality of the service, the prizes, the music, the ambiance and the location. When a bar is satisfying in these categories one can say it is a good place, but sometimes satisfying is just not good enough. Certain bars are so good, only the Spanish denominative term is fitting: ¡Un bar de puta madre! Guzzo is probably the best example of just that; drinks that are more than worth its prize, live musicians than entertain the whole bar while sitting at a table near the entrance, video installations hidden in plain sight on all the walls of the bar and staff that will be the kind no matter stress makes Guzzo an amazing example of Un bar de puta madre.


The two most impressive things here were without doubt the decoration & ambiance and the quality of the drinks. Because the members of this team are so bold and cheeky, we asked the bartender to mix his best drink and got served the best Cucumber Martini ever to walk on the phase of the earth. This is a bar that can pretty much serve you whatever alcohol you like to pride yourself being a connoisseur of in the best possible way. However, beers are a spaniards best friends and they even go under a nickname to make it even friendlier. It is always advised to know this lingo, since there is no way you can expect a Spanish bartender to understand english, especially when you’re the drunk one screaming at the top of your lungs while the DJ’s playing twinkle twinkle little star (or whatever youngsters listen to now a day) The first one, tap beer, goes under the name of Caña and is pronounced like Kanye West’s name if he was a woman. Una caña will probably cost you around 4€-5€ at a regular bar (not clubs, that’s a whole other story) and is in our opinion the best drink to cool down in the shade when the weather is heavy, hot or just when thirst needs to be put out. However, Cataluña is known for its wineland, and many of the best things in the world come from this soil: Bodegas Torres, Cava, Frei Xenet etc.

Furthermore, there is the decoration. Countless of times, one enters to places where one thinks: what the fuck is this? And many others, places have a perfect harmonious zen decoration, that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of an oasis. Then there is Guzzo. A real art installation by the walls of the bar, makes you think the interior designer was Nam Jun Paik or Bill Viola. Hidden through projections on the walls, displayed on screens that look like the ones you had in the early 90’s — there are stories being told, a little man running across the bar climbing his way to the booze and the lightning making it feel like a memory out of midnight in Paris during the 20’s.

This bar is a must for everybody who comes to this city, and is not only providing a great ambiance, amazing live jazz music and the best drinks in town: it is carrying a lifestyle that makes enjoying life the most precious goal one can ever have. For any practical information, their website functions as a blog, lifestyle web-zine, streetart canon and map to find the diamond near the shores of Barcelona.

Daniel M. Nino Cortés

September 18 2015


Matte x Kitsuné NYFW Party

NYC is known for being the city that never sleeps so when IG had the opportunity to check the night life out we totally went all in. During our stay the NYFW was just about to start and we found the most promising party held in a pretentious, 200 years old bank by the french record/fashion label Kitsuné.

Now, Kitsuné goes waaay back with their massive compilations of great music, bands and DJs and being an old Kitsuné fan the expectations were just skyrocketing through the roof.

The venue itself was MASSIVE and with so many pretty details that you couldn’t even fathom being there drunk and dancing. There were 10 m tall greek-looking colonnes, crystal chandeliers and teeny tiny stairs leading to other, smaller, hidden rooms and dancefloors.

Eileen Spillane and Mark Hojnacki

The place was crowded with people from start to finish and what pretty people! Loads of models from all genders and supercool hipsters, everyone of the agerange 22-25.

Okay, this sounds awesome right? And it reaaally could have been for sure. They had all the ingredients to be the party of the year but somehow it failed.

It all boils down to the fact that the crowd was way too stiff and uptight. People weren’t dancing until one hour before closing time and the feel of it all was just awkward and quite depressing really.

We left the party feeling quite dissatisfied.
(And the whole ‘NYC never sleeps’-thing? The party closed at 04. Enough said.)

Leyla Ekelund


There’s many things that have been said about Berlin; there is of course many more that have not. While every city, especially a capital, has a super-sized-american-buffé of things to offer, there’s no chance to know it all when only visiting for a short period of time — especially if you’re drunk (or under the influence of something else… hehe) half of the time. While normally we only do reviews on clubs and party places, this article is supposed to give you information about where to go as a tourist rather than as a resident of this divided city. It basically means that we will be reviewing our two favorite clubs and bars but don’t worry we will read the house down on them and give you tricks to enjoy the experience as much as possible. What’s the most important? Clubs of course – let’s start with that!


The clubbing culture in Berlin is completely different from that of other capitals, or bigger cities such as Paris, Stockholm, London or Barcelona and Gothenburg. A part of embracing the gay culture, just like Paris has, there seems to be a very different notion of what time one should party and until when. There’s no judgement in skipping sleep for a couple of drinks… or something more. For the beginning of a long and very exciting night, Griessmuehle is probably the best place to start.

Located in the east part of Berlin, this is a place that inspires the feeling of an oasis right by the canal (yes, you can fall down and get wet or loose stuff — please keep away from the water while drunk if you don’t know how to swim). For those of you who’ve been to Stockholm, this is probably the template that ”Trädgården” had in mind when coming up with a concept: Construction locals, remade into a massive compound that holds several dance floors in a garden-looking area, with a playground, a scene and bars (by the water). The music seems what you expect it to be in Berlin — electronic music, no commercial shit. Quality over quantity people! Although it is a, what looks like, a bunch of containers put together, the space is bigger than expected. Because of a slight memory issue caused by the many beers consumed at that particular place, we are not able to tell you exactly how many dance floors there is — there is however at least one for each taste! You might think this editorial is unprofessional for consuming alcohol on working hours, but we just couldn’t stop ourselves when the prices where… almost nothing! Berlin is a city with a lot of history and even though the prices are raising since the capitalism entered this communist holdout, it is cheaper than a hooker with rent due the next day. It gets better though: while other cities have staff to clean after your nasty asses, in Berlin one pays a fee for ”renting” the bottle of beer your drinking and will get it back when/if you return it. This means that if you find an empty bottle (or find a bottle that becomes empty when you find it) you get money for those bottles! Let me put it this way: we became very environmental concerned and made it our task to find as many ”empty” bottles possible.

To access this particular place, the best way to travel would be to take the S-bahn to the station Sonnenallee. If you don’t mind walking, you could also take the U-bahn 7 to station Neukölln where the bars in the area are very cheap, and a shot race will cost you not more than 3€ per shot no matter where you go.

This as a good spot to start partying, as a first club — yes, Berlin is all about long nights that are so late it’s almost early, or lunch time… it’s all up to you!


What is there to say about Berghain that hasn’t already been said? Who cares, this is our version!

The concept of Berghain goes beyond one night, and you shouldn’t judge for one day only but rather for the whole weekend you spend there. Berliners are people that like to party; when they’re tired they go home to get some rest and food, then go back to continue what they where doing: partying. Let’s call it party-snoozing. For this exact reason, which we found out eventually since they don’t tell you this at the entrance, once you’ve been inside you can come back as much as you want. This means, when you get a stamp after paying the cover charge at the entrance tattoo that shit in or don’t wash it EVER because your whole weekend is now secured! Although this sounds like a great thing, Berghain is not necessarily the best place every day — the difference is exactly that. But how can one know where to go and what to expect? Keep your pants on and we’ll tell you.

Berghain is known worldwide and it’s reputation promises long lines and amazing parties, although just like every party the best is always towards the end. Berghain is open during the whole weekend, Sundays included, and every day is completely different from the other. On Fridays for instance, you can only experience the panorama bar at the top — but to be honest, it’s probably not going to make you feel like you got the whole experience, or one worthy of their reputation. It is however a very good place to serve as an afterparty, since you will probably not be going home before 11AM anyway. By doing this, the queue is not going to be that long and you will be able to revisit this party-landmark any day of the weekend. By telling you this, we advice you to visit Berghain on Sundays — it is simply the best day of the week there! Be careful what you wish for though: Berghain is experienced best at the edge of craziness. There is a reason why they don’t allow you to take photos inside this place, and it is basically because they want you to go crazy and feel like you can embarrass yourself without the possibility of having it shown at your wedding a few years later — we all rule in this era of mechanical reproduction under the strict law of ”picture or it didn’t happen”. By this we mean, everything is accepted and the only way you will ever have your ass thrown out on the street is if you fall asleep. Other than that, your free to take your clothes off, dance like an epileptic and do what ever the hell you want. As far as everybody knows, it never happened!

To access this place, mind your attitude rather than your wardrobe. Although clothing and good stile is always recommended, Berlin and the attitude in the air is not going to deny you entrance because of your clothing. After all, we’re not in Barcelona.

For practical information, take a taxi – the train doesn’t work during the time when it’s so late it’s almost early. But if you absolutely most, the two nearest stops are Warschauer Strasse on the U-Bahn line 12 (this is a common point on lines 1 and 2) or at the S-Bahn station Berlin Ostbahnhof.


Have you ever been inside of a pink box, that resembles all the 70s kitsch-culture exploded on furry walls adorned with flashing christmas lights and old furniture filled with interesting and good-looking people? If not, you need to run to Roses Bar in east Berlin. Like yesterday. While Berlin is known for being one of the most open cities in the world today, it is true that the gay-culture more or less has been embraced by the majority of the population. There is no clear division between gay and straight – of course there is a difference, but its more of a range of grays than black and white. This is one of those places! Just like Berghain, this place is labeled as a gay bar. However, it is not for the means of being with people of the same sexualitythat this concept is present; Roses seems to embrace diversity and everything that is so tacky its amazing. Although the size of the bar and the staff are one of the most horrible things ever experienced, is the crowd attracted to this venue the most amazing ever – and the prizes are not that bad either. The ensemble goes well together; bad staff that serves cheap booze while bohemian people talk about life and who theyre going home with that night, while the bar is so full of people you have to go out and find yourself dancing to the music of a stereo someone brought that turned the sidewalk into a party on the street.

Roses is open every day, and is easiest to access by the U-bahn station Kottbusser Tor. Maybe youll talk to a cute german girl who decided to start drawing on her sketchbook sitting on the floor while waiting for the barman to serve her a beer. May be youll find yourself talking to a rude actor and his friend, or maybe just have too many drinks and dance to madonna with everybody and nobody at the same time.

Monkey Bar

Berlin is not only the East side, as one might think this editorial would only cover. Monkey Bar is situated on top of one of the best hotels Berlin has to offer, at international standards. Hotel 25h Bikini Berlin Zoo hosts a panorama bar, Monkey Bar, where you can see the whole of Berliner Zoologischer Garten, and the rest of the city. Even though one might think that the view is the best thing about this place – which really is amazing – the staff does compete very well with it. Service, one of the key points of more established places to work on, has never been better than at this bar. It feels like youre talking to one of your best friends, and the recommendations are well researched and on point. The bar offers you food of extreme quality, and cocktails of very high standard that are worth every little penny you invest in alcohol. The well known rhetoric of Berliners is very present here: it might be cheap but oh so sexy! The prices are not the most well adjusted to ones bank account, yet the experience is covered and those two extra euros give a really good profit for the money at the monkey.

Daniel Cortés

Aug 11 2015


Culture Box – The Red Box

Culture Box

Even if Paris is known for craving hard haaard techno, don’t get too surprised by the Danish as they are soon following the same league. At Culture Box you will obtain the ultimate electronic music there is to get. Being listed as one of the top 10 clubs in Copenhagen along with Bakken, Rust, Jolene and others our expectations are pretty high.

Because of this knowledge, we sure were surprised by how this club would be like. Instead of being just another commercial club with colorful spotlights, black leather seats and expensive cocktails, you actually get the total opposite. Imagine Berlin in a small version, with two dance floors which are identified as the Black box and the Red box (there is also a White box). The place is dark and kind of grungy with a red light shining through the rooms. Between 11 PM until midnight the beer is free for all the guests, can you imagine? Lord has mercy!

If you want to go for a bit harder and deep techno your place is safe in the Black box, but for the ones that are open for some experimental electronic music you should definitely try out the Red box. We would definitely recommend the this for more curious guests. Warm up was managed by the Icelander Sexy Lazer who puts out an exciting and fun set with a not too gentle beats and perfectly entertaining. The excitement continues when Paris boy Eliott Litrowski takes over around 1 AM and we are basically entering an electronic jungle. There are many things happening in his mixes and the balance of drops is really genius. The music is fun, but still serious which makes you respect it, and as always he dances to his music, you just gotta love it! What a great combination; Iceland and France, in Denmark! Great bookings you will find here at Culture Box where they surely seem to respect electronic music.

Check out our instagram @illegalground for cool videos!

Eliott Litrowski & Sexy Lazer


Pernian Farahani


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