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September 11 2017


This Saturday was the premiere night for the new underground club concept Luma. Taking place in the depths of Högsbo factory quarters, and with the promise of a secret guest along side the line up of local legends such as Ishi vu, Pomona Dream and Linton Lundin, the lore of this club was basically already created before the event even had happened.

Having arrived fairly early, I fortunately didn’t miss out on the live performance by the secret guest which turned out to be Ruby Empress. This Gothenburg based band has been doing shows all over the city and has gained massive hype in a very short time. They’re known for their dreamy sound, packed with synths flirting with the 80’s and funky bass lines.

Their live performance at Luma was nothing less than awesome. Leadsinger Tom Serner was really getting into the vibe, and by moving close to the audience and standing by the stage’s edge, the performance felt exclusive and intimate.

After Ruby Empress’ final bass lines had faded, our favourite Ishi vu found his comfortable spot behind the DJ decks. He started off with playing banging house, and really got the crowd going. Ishi vus sets are just getting better and better, and this might have been one of my favourite ones.

Clubwise, the arrangers had done a good job creating the 80’s and disco vibe that they had promised us with a bunch of red lights and smoke on the dance floor. People had also done their part and dressed up in fashion from decades long gone. It truly felt like dancing at the high school prom during the 80’s.

Leyla Ekelund

MArch 30 2017


2017 March 30th

Tekla is one of the underground clubs that are as given to the night life here, as Poseidon is to Avenyn. They have a history of throwing amazing open airs during summer time as well as creating sweaty dance floors during winter.

I haven’t managed to join any of Tekla’s parties in quite some time now, so being able to take part this past weekend had me very excited. Having heard the DJ duo Y+M beforehand, and knowing their incredible taste in music – I knew that this would be amazing. And it certainly was.

The venue they had found was much like a hangar, with a dome like ceiling and a massive open space. The lights for the night were sparse but pretty much spot on, with its modest red lighting and main laser above the DJs, creating the perfect underground vibe.


The major ordeal of arranging a party in such a large venue, is to fill it up. That was no problem this time, however, since a lot of people showed up – making the club cozier and even pretty crowded at times. There weren’t any hang out areas, which turned everybody’s focus towards the dance floor and ultimately the music.

The music was awesome, not too heavy, not too soft. Simply perfect. It kept people dancing all night long. And to get me to dance for hours to techno is pretty difficult – yet at Tekla, you could find me on the dance floor pretty much the entire night.

Overall, Tekla lived up to their reputation as one of Gothenburg’s best underground clubs – and one of my favourites.

Leyla Ekelund


August 30 2016

LOGIC w/ Michal Zietara

Saturday 20th it was time for Logic to open the doors, this time with no less than Michal Zietara, co-founder of OSBA records and resident at the awesome club Salon at Wilde Renate, situated in the techno-capital Berlin.

Having been one of many visitors at Wilde Renate, my anticipations were high on this exclusive Gothenburg visit. Despite of not having heard Zietara perform when I was at Renate, the club in itself is famous for good spirit, dancemood and craziness, and I could imagine that Zietaras set would not be an exception. I was also pretty excited about visiting Logic again. When visiting their second club, we felt that this would be Gothenburg’s new “it” club. Awesome bookings and a fantastic deco that made the boat rock in spite of not having too many people rocking it. That was also the only negative thing we found, simply that the amount of people was disproportional to the awesomeness that Logic presented. Since a bit of time had passed, I was sure that Logic’s crowd had grown, which it sadly hadn´t.

Although Logic only booked the first floor for this event, the club was close to empty  still at 2 am when Zietara went on. And I just don´t get it. The music was great with both Michal Zietara and our own Magnus Glädt behind the decks, DJ-ing back to back, mixing both house and techno. Even this time Logic presented a vibrant underground scenery. Damp light and nice lazerdecos, although they also had some annoying blinking bright lights facing the dancefloor, but overall the music and setting was good.

The emptiness of the place though, sadly took away a lot of the excitement and urge to dance, atleast for me. Such a shame, since Logic does not deserve such an empty dancefloor. Despite of that, both Zietara and Glädt seemed to have a good time playing, and the people that came seemed to enjoy it. Maybe this time Logic just had bad luck. Maybe it was only a bad date to have the party, since most of Gothenburg might have been tired of partying after Way Out West, and the few people still in partymode, scattered between Logic and Motech that was happening at the same time (Motech apparently wasn’t being too crowded either). This review becomes a bit paradoxal  cause even though I got disappointed over the lack of people, I still after just two visits, truly feel  that Logic at the moment is one of Gothenburgs most interesting clubs concerning the effort put into achieving good bookings. And the music has been absolutely top.+

And my question goes out to you, fellow readers – where are you?  The stage needs you to keep on delivering the very best,otherwise I am afraid that Logic will meet the same destiny as the boat that -in case you´ve missed – is closing this year. So next time I am hoping to se ya´ll there, cause I am expecting nothing else than greatness, what ever venue Logics choice is in the future to come.

Alma Trischler

June 27 2016

Fee Fi Fo Fum: NIBC & TYFE

Fee Fi Fo Fum has since its start as a ramen restaurant, also managed to establish itself as this tiny club with the massive sound. I headed over there, the 18th June to hear what DJ NIBC and his life long friend TYFE could come up with.

NIBC aka Fredrik Nyberg is the head of the label Trunkfunk Records, a label that has its focus on the underground electronic producers, such as Ishi Vu and Hans Berg.

I was familiar with Nyberg’s own productions from earlier, and entered the bar with high expectations of hearing classic, posh house – and that’s exactly what they fed me.

The tracks chosen, were very upbeat and sometimes ventured into the disco era which didn’t really bother any of us. People were either dancing, or vibing with their friends next to the bar, beer in hand.

I had been to the same bar, the day before when there had been a totally different tempo and atmosphere. At the time, the bar had been too crowded, packed with dancing people – pretty much like sardines in a can. At such occasion it really shows how small the place really is, and not being able to buy a beer at the bar and to bring it outside, without it being spilled is pretty frustrating.

I really enjoyed the vibe that NIBC and TYFE set for the night. It fit the space perfectly and also the season. More than once, I had the sensation of being at a bar in either Berlin or London, instead of at a tiny ramen bar in Rosenlund, Gothenburg.

Leyla Ekelund

June 11 2016


So past Saturday it was finally time for Warehouse, Apartments latest party. Since it was my first time at one of Apartments parties (I know! Where have I been??) I did not really know what to expect, although both location and lineup was familiar to me. For this occasion the venue chosen was in the Locus quarters situated in Sandarna, Majorna, in a small industrial part where many of Locus parties have been held throughout the years. For this event, Locus soundsystem, through Rico and Kristo where also the two main acts of the evening. We arrived around one o’clock in the morning to a fairly long queue, but got pleasantly tuned in by the pumping beats performed by Magnus Nylander, known from Uber and Tzar, another of Gothenburgs great arrangers and DJ:s. Already at this early hour the dance floor was occupied by engaged dancers, moving to the Techhouse tunes performed by Magnus, and a good amount of people where hanging around the bar and seating areas located alongside the wall.

After the cramped, despite the awesome party at Locus, the weekend before I was a bit worried that also this party was going to get too cramped, not letting me enjoy the much loved music on the dance floor, but fortunately I was wrong. Although I´ve been in this very place, dancing hours away, many times before, Apartment also managed to make it feel new somehow. The mellow lazerdecos dancing over people and on the walls, gave a certain vibe, and the steady flow of arriving people, never made me feel cramped, inhibited to dance. Opposite, the good vibes increased with the amount of people, alongside the pumping, wonderful beats from the soundsystem, that through the night changed from one great performer to another.

Magnus 90’s house woke my appetite, and I as many others, enjoyed his fine musical dish, making us urge for more, which we steadily got until six in the morning, changing from Magnus to Kristo and Rico delivering the best deep and tech. Sadly we never had the time to experience Lewis Iles deep house beats that warmed people up before our arrival. Nevertheless everybody, including myself was in such a trance of the music and vibe that when the party ended at six in the morning, it could easily have been three am- mid party still going. The dance floor was still full, and it felt like nobody had gone home during the hours that had passed, and you could easily understand why. It was obvious that nobody wanted the awesomeness of this night to end, on top of that, it was a fantastic sunny summer morning, and I could easily conclude, that this was definitely not the last Apartment I will attend.

Alma Trischler


May 31 2016


So, this Saturday it was time for one of the most urban days of the year – Andra Långdagen. For anyone who isn’t familiar with this Gothenburg special, it is an occasion happening by the end of May every year, where stores and random organisations/people arrange stands and music alongside the longest street of the city: Andra Långgatan. This usually attracts hundreds of people cramming together at this very street.

I’m not really a fan of neither too crowded places nor the actual street so I decided to save my energy for the Locus Aftermath party that was happening later on, after dark.

We all know Locus by now, it’s the group of arrangers that love deep and tech house and have been around for more than 15 years, creating party culture in this city at various venues. This time they had rented a new venue, that I had never been to before in Majorna.

I got there in proper time (according to myself) and hadn’t even had a single thought about a potential queue but of course, there was one. A MASSIVE one. Looking back, this is something I should’ve foreseen. Andra Långdagen’s so popular that of course, the hundreds of people will find out about Locus’ party. Call me naive, but there I was, waiting in line for an immense amount of time.

When getting inside though – it was totally worth the wait. The bass was pumping, giving me the most pure and awesome deep house that I so desperately craved, and the light show was modest with a few lasers that wasn’t neccessarily needed but more of a sweet touch to the otherwise, very red setting. The guys from Locus DJ:ed b2b, switching places with each other in a smooth way, just having a lot of fun doing what they love and know best.

The dance floor was really big, however it was so so crowded that at times it was hard to really get into the music and enjoy it since a lot of the guests might have been unfamiliar with the dance codes at electronic parties, and decided to dance in those infamous rings you can find at commercial clubs or high school parties. Though, I’m really glad to see that the underground scene is expanding and especially that their initiation party is such a high quality one as one of Locus’. (But please, people, face forward when you dance. It’s creepy when dancing with closed eyes, to open them and see three or four people standing in the opposite direction, staring at you.)

I decided to leave around 06 in the morning and still then, the queue was there. People seemed to be in good spirits and this was an awesome way to really start off the underground summer.

Leyla Ekelund

May 13 2016

Photographer: Johan Kvint

Logic presents Christian Burkhardt

Logic is the new electronic club to appear in Gothenburg, and the venue of their choice is everyone’s favourite party boat Rio Rio. I decided to head over there last Saturday for their second night open but despite being new they were already bringing an amazing booking aboard – Christian Burkhardt.

Burkhardt is an experienced german producer, merging house and techno together with his focus on delievering absolute rythmical music, as well as an experience above the general club night.
His live set gathered the entire crowd on the big dance floor, dancing in their own little bubble for well over an hour. It was heavy, very german and absolutely
awesome. During his set the light show really came to life, giving Burkhardt what looked like a halo throughout. DSC_2860_SMALL.jpg

Apart from Burkhardt’s set downstairs, Logic had set up a house/tech-house dance floor upstairs. That floor is smaller and more intimate which fits this type of music perfectly. It was possible to stand close to the DJs, seeing them really connecting with the crowd and feeling the vibe of their own selected music. I particularly enjoyed Franzoa’s set, consisting of warm house on the deeper side.


Being a brand new club, Logic hasn’t managed to obtain the hype yet, seeing that it wasn’t too crowded as it usually is at an electronic club. However, this really surprised us considering the level of the booking and the effort put into sound and light. The level of it all was higher than many of the underground clubs here in the city that pulls hundreds and hundreds of people.

I’m also happily surprised by their attempt at bringing two female DJs to play. Girls are usually not getting the attention they should behind the DJ decks, so it was nice to see some one trying to do something about it.

I’m looking forward to partying at Logic again, and to people to really open up their eyes to the talent the arrangers have for planning an upscale and classy club night like this one.

Leyla Ekelund

May 12 2016

Boulebar Rosenlund: Vårfesten

Gothenburg’s underground club arranger Erik Londré who has since last year left our lovely city for the capital, came back home to arrange a spring party at Boulebar. And what a timing! The spring arrived with full force, and the parks were instantly packed with swedes, drinking wine in shorts and tank tops – really trying to cherish every last bit of sun until it set behind the trees in Slottskogen.

I can only speculate on how this party would’ve turned out without the perfect weather, but what I do know is that it really set the mood for the entire thing. People were in good spirits, participating in the boule tournament or cheering the teams on with a beer in hand.

I arrive later on, when the tournament had reached the finals and the queue was circling down, around the corner on both sides of the door. Upon arriving inside I realize that the place is packed and that the people standing in line probably will have to wait at least up to an hour before getting in. It’s so much people, it’s difficult to get an overview of the whole venue and the crowd’s talking, laughing really loud. The mood seems to be upbeat and joyful.

The music upstairs is however, what you’ll typically hear at Yaki’s Kaffebaren. It’s loads of RnB, hits and just the typical music that DJs know are crowd pleasers. Not particularly bad, but not particularly good either.

If this would’ve been it, and nothing else – we would’ve been disappointed. But thankfully, we found the basement which was pretty well hidden, being the staircase partially covered by a black cloth. Downstairs we found the electronic dance floor, monitored and taken care of by talented DJs such as Love Karlsson and Ishi vu. I started dancing in time for Ishi vu’s (aka William Cohen) set and didn’t stop until 15 minutes before closing.

Ishi vu is a Gothenburg based producer in his midtwenties. He’s bossed over Yaki-Da for a period of time, still DJs there frequently and is spotted at most underground clubs. For this occasion he had prepared an awesome tech house set, with some touches on the acid side – leaving the dance floor in a frenzy, craving for more.

Overall, I had a really good time. But upon emerging from the bubble that the downstairs dance floor was, and seeing how people were dancing on the boule courts to hit music in a too bright venue, it’s clear to me that without the well planned bookings for the lower dance floor – this would’ve been like any given Saturday at Avenyn or Yaki-Da.

Leyla Ekelund

April 21 2016



You readers oughta be ashamed. See, you should donate. You leave Leyla, the author of this blog broke and alone at home, while you run off to the parties you read about on this blog. Again, shameful. This was the case this weekend, and now I have to write a review. I was asked yesterday about this, and at first i was going to decline the offer. I can’t remember most of it anyway. But that’s when i realized that, hey, this might be fun: a trip down the darker recesses of my mushed up brain to find out what really happened over there.

First, you need to understand this; Although this might compromise the legitimacy of this blog; I would’ve actually preferred to listen to psy-trance on that fine april evening. Not because of the music per se, rather because of the energy on those dance floors. the dancing there is self centered, it’s alto about you yourself and less about bumping into drunken party-goers.
Basically, what i’m saying is, this night was mostly about me. I wanted to dance. With me.
And I did. A lot. A furious muscle fever-ache is better than a hungover induced one, but i still felt abit anxious the day after.. Did i dance like an idiot? Did I elbow someone in the face? I’ve done so before – broke someones’ nose. But that was another time, whilst listening to much, much shittier music. The music this evening was, in fact, great. So great in fact, that i soon forgot about the want for white dreadlocks whipping my face(this is only partly a joke, as i’ve had ‘locks myself and i sometimes miss them).

So it was a saturday night. The time was 21~ something and I was getting bored out of my head. Where were all my friends? The morning mist of the hungover long dispersed, I had since moved onto coffee, and more recent to that evening hour, beer. Glaring intently into my computer screen, I finally got in touch with my friend. After a couple of minutes, a plan had formed. None of us had phones, so we decided on a time and place to rendezvous. After that, the plan was to get over to the quite small venue(of which we both knew prior to the occasion), snag an entry stamp, and then make some part of the town unsafe for a couple of hours until we finally reached that heady alcohol buzz that let’s you dance like an idiot without feeling like one. The plan failed, however, because as it turned out, and as i had suspected, i was an idiot at the moment i woke up that day. We came early, before 23. The venue was almost empty. but one of the bigger rooms i had assumed would be open due to limited space, was not. This, I thought, is going to be a bumpy ride. My thoughts did not linger on this subject for long, as I almost immediately threw off my jacket and started dancing. Sound was lovely, with the DJ booth located at a corner of the room adjacent to a well treated bar in which I never had to wait for long, at any time of the night. My friend had a stomach ache, and I quickly realized that him even entering the club was purely a charitable act on his part.. Actually wait, I payed for his ticket didn’t I? 200kr. That’s me being charitable.

We’re talking Jesper Dahlbäck, this evening appearing under his moniker The Persuader. Also playing was Joel Mull, Lego, and wonderfully named Evigt Mörker(eternal darkness). Anyway, there was no leaving the club for the pubs and bars over yonder, this was going to be an all nighter.
Already sweaty from the initiating ten minutes of dancing to DJ Lego, who was doing a quite standard, but also pretty great techno set, I started for the wardrobe section.

As I did, I saw that some lovely rave owls that I know from before were dropping in, a steady flow of small groups of raveheads. The wardrobe section was, it too, very well cared for. Making my way around the place, saying hello to people whose names are easy to forget in the night time haze, I was soon spiraling down into that same haze. Or perhaps, that haze was rising. As I said, the venue was quite small, and as the clocks’ arms would soon point to midnight, the crowd was no longer dispersed between smoking and dancing area. The place was getting packed, and I was thanking the gods and the organizers for the pissoars placed outside. Quite a shitty place to have them though, I’ve seen the smoking area outside of that club in a lot better shape than this. Organizers should not take too much offense from this opinion I should add, because bookings and vibes as good as these doesn’t necessarily need to excuse themselves with a cozy open air area. Big plus for the roof though, as it was raining throughout the night.

As Evigt Mörker was playing, the dance floor must’ve been much more pleasing to entertain, as people was starting to really gather around that occult altar dedicated to a god which we all serve. The music was great, and I was starting to really get into it. Dancing furiously, an exhausted pant catching a gurgling cough, it was time for a cigarette.

The queue had been put to a halt, and it was getting longer, wetter, and angrier by the minute. “Why did I drink SO much coffee??”, some probably thought, bashing their over-caffeinated selves against the persons in front of them. I was happily partying though, and very happy that I hadn’t left earlier. I recognized a lot of the crowd from other raves, but there was also a fair share of people I didn’t. I know that a lot of people don’t like the rave scene becoming mainstream, some of the regular ravers standing in the queue outside most definitely didn’t at that moment. But in a lot of ways, it’s going in that direction. The clientele was a morph between rave heads and people who, dare i say, didn’t quite strike me as being hardcore ravers. Being in the chill out area where the lighting was more revealing at times reminded me of being at a more mainstream venue like Yaki-da or Lou Lou. I didn’t mind at all though. Most people were attractive and churning their jaws away just like any other raver. And maybe someone could even buy me a beer. Sure as hell none of my friends would. Poor fucks the lot of them just like Leyla.
As for later on, throughout Joel Mull and The Persuaders DJ-sets, I can’t really share an opinion. The music was great, for sure, and I found myself entranced by the music for the first time in quite a while, I was sweating so much that at one point I felt three drips of sweat falling from one of my eyebrows at the same time. I reckoned I smelled like shit, but i really didn’t give one. As it stands, I can’t really remember whom was playing what and when, but i assure you, it was proper.

And so, i will try to conclude with a finishing note. The lighting on the dance floor was perfect. Nothing special – just that cozy dim light where you get perfectly lost in the music and crowd. The music was amazing, i was almost pissed at myself for paying 200kr to get in at first – hell, i just want to dance to psy trance or house music! – but i feel well taken care of and very, very happy with the music i got. As for the organizers i don’t want to say much as i know some of them. Just kidding, thankfully i can write freely about this as there was nothing to complain about. At every instance of the venue, be it bar, cloak-room, or entry, i was met by nice people and a feeling of professionalism. All in all, a great evening, and it is no mystery to me why Über and Tzar records are spearheading the underground scene in Gothenburg right now.

Ivar Svensson

February 1st 2016

Invigningsfest för Göteborg Film Festival 2016!

Gothenburg Filmfestival is the decadent happening during the first months of every new year and they’re known for having insanely packed opening parties. This year we noticed the line up and couldn’t for all the money in the world, miss it!

Gothenburg Film Studios were the spot the festival chose for their party and it’s a massive factory-style complex on Lindholmen. We arrived at 01, in time to see either Gnucci perform or Kornél Kovács. We, of course, chose to head over to the electronic dance floor to check it out first.

The dance floor is pretty big with giant white walls (perfect for projecting visuals which is such a shame that the festival didn’t utilize properly) and upon arriving we’re met with great house music from Baba Stiltz b2b with Kornél Kovács. People were dancing and having a great time non stop ‘til they closed their doors at 03. It was fun to see the easy-going dynamics between the two Studio Barnhus producers and also to dance to some of the most classic productions from the label.

Apart from Baba Stiltz and Kornél Kovács joint set the other dance floors and music selection were quite a disappointment. Gnucci’s live performance could’ve been som much better if the festival had used proper soundsystem and dimmed the lights where the crowd was standing and the third dance floor was located right in front of the entrance which meant people was trying to cross the dance floor constantly, breaking the mood for many of the dancers.

Leyla Ekelund

January 21 2016

LOCUS 15-årsjubileum

January 9 the weekend after New Years Eve, Locus decided to throw a birthday party at Pustervik, celebrating their 15 years of arranging underground parties here in the city.

The weekend they chose to arrange it was empty of any other event worth mentioning (or going to) which meant that the queue to Pustervik was building up around the corner already at 23:30. The party drew people from all kinds of subcultures and ages which brought the atmosphere up to a more diverse and accepting level, rarely found in overground clubs such as Pustervik.

The music was typical Locus, they’ve been doing this for so long that their style has become very profound and they sure know what will get the crowd moving on the dance floor. Being a house lover myself, it was great seeing how people were dancing non-stop and having so much fun even though the music was softer and deeper than what it usually is at regular underground clubs.

After Pustervik closed at 03 in the morning, the party continued a few tram stops away at their studio. The studio’s pretty small and fit around 70 party-ready people having a white, unpolished look with mirrors on the wall and an improvised DJ booth in a corner, next to a lamp with tools hanging from it. It was nice going back to where they come from; their studio and their underground scene.

The party continued on for several hours and neither the morning light nor the white, reflective snow outside woke people up from their heavy trance-like dancing and when leaving at 07 in the morning the party was still going strong.

Leyla Ekelund

December 20th 2015


This Friday we headed out to Yaki-Da mainly since we knew that Locus would be responsible for the music in the former Absinthbar – now called ”Sovrummet” (= The bedroom) due to i11885311_926467510747395_8578709931262497239_nts new decor and atmosphere.

Locus has been around for a while, being a place to go to for grrreat house music and awesome parties. They’re residential at Pustervik and the party usually continues after closing hours.

However, Yaki-Da is quite different from Pustervik and underground venues due to it’s bratty crowd. And we weren’t really sure about how the guests would react to the more underground sound that Locus is known for. But we were surprised to see the dance floor packed with people in suits, side by side with well known underground faces.

There were people dancing from start ‘til finish and the house music that Henrik Törnebäck Zimmel and Kristian Krän were feeding us was top notch and fit Yaki-Da perfectly. They had planned their set in a very clever way with music that fit both crowds and which they knew would be comprehendable even for the most inexperienced, white-clubs-only kind of people.

Overall a great set provided by Locus, showing their stability and ability to adapt to any kind of environment.

Leyla Ekelund

November 1st 2015

This is the 2nd part of our arrangers’ series and this time we had a chat we the two masterminds behind the GBG-classic TRONIK!

How did the two of you get into the electronic music field? Which is the first song/producer that opened up the doors to that scene?12105968_903897899646202_4537530696046288852_n 

Mikael: I was playing in a heavy metal band, but after a while I wanted to express myself musically without a band. At the time, around 1995, goa trance exploded and I fell for it immediately. Shortly after I became a DJ, producer and a label manager. Did not have any favorite artists at the time, but a few years later came the tech trance artists such as X-Dream, Spiralianz & Midimiliz etc. For me,that was the beginning towards the techno scene.

Rich: I’ve always been into music. My father is a guitarist and been so since he was very young. The music was always there for me. I started listen to classic and progressive rock that was played at home when I grew up, and one of the first favorites (and still are) is Jim11140060_849177588469913_683172785983761905_ni Hendrix. I love his experimental, technical and melodic style. Later in my teenage years I started play the drums and did so a while. The electronic music came in my early teenage, such as Fatboy Slim and The Prodigy. A lot of my friends listened to various electronic music and in that way it came kinda natural. The DJ’ing came as a really fun and very convenient thing (it’s easier to have a DJ booth than a drum set at home…) to still doing that rhythmic and experimental stuff. For the techno – well, I also listen to a lot of metal music. The dark and heavy stuff that the electronic music has to offer do you often find in techno.

And how did you meet? Are you both from Gothenburg?

We are both Gothenburg based DJ’s. We met at a event were we both played. Mikael had his set after Rich.

I (Mikael) was really impressed by Rich music selection and that he and I were so similar. We both liked the hard and dirty techno and then I found out that we kind of had the same musical background.

Rich: I knew who Mikael were, but never met him. It’s funny when you meet someone for the first time, and it just ”clicks”.

What’s the story behind TRONIK? How did the idea emerge?

The idea started the first time we met. A couple of days after the event we got in touch and talked about organize events together. Something that was actually quite rare in Gothenburg – a club that played techno only. From start to the end without the deep and tech house warmups. A club where you could go and dance to heavier music from the beginning.

And so we did, our first club was – at the now closed venue – Lust. A really small place. In the beginning the only guest DJ’s was a couple of our friends that wanted to do the warmup. Some times we (Mikael and Rich) were the only ones playing. It was really unpretentious. But we liked it, it was intimate and friendly. And the soundsystem was really good for such a small place. After a while we felt that we wanted a bigger place, a venue where we could do a bit bigger stuff. Röda Sten was the perfect place and those who run it liked our concept.

You’re both frequent DJs, which are your favourite cities and clubs to DJ at? And why?

TRONIK will always be a favorite club to play at. But we can say that we had a REALLY nice time at Ritter Butzke and Sisyphos in Berlin.

Ritter Butzke and Sisyphos are two really well arranged clubs. The atmosphere is magical, nice decoration and several dance floors with cool interior and great dance! It’s hard to put a finger on it, but they have created a atmosphere in the clubs that you can almost touch. There’s a really nice vibe that not many clubs can manage to create.

When you’re not DJ-ing or arranging clubs where do you like to go to party? Any certain clubs in GBG that excite you?

Mikael: I mostly go out partying at clubs when I play myself. But if I go out I want to go on bigger events or festivals outside Sweden.

Rich: I like the classic ones, LOCUS for example. These humble guys have been doing their thing for a long time now and you always know what you get. Then of course we have Mythos. I also have to say that I really miss the club Cardboard. Had great times there!

Do you have any inspiration sources regarding clubs or parties that you look to when arranging your own?

Honestly, we have to say no not really. When we are planning we mostly talk about stuff from scratch and not things we’ve seen or experienced at other places.

You’re known for booking great producers, how do you pick them? What’s the ”criteria” for being a producer that fits TRONIK’s concept?

We’re a fan of the well produced big room stuff that have the dark and intense energy that fits the atmosphere of TRONIK. When you come to a TRONIK event we want the visitor to experience something that you only get at TRONIK. An experience and not just the music.

What’s the pros and cons about being an arranger in GBG?

Mikael: Little sleep (I live in Värmland nowadays) and stress before and during the party only, but in the end it is worth it when you get to meet so many nice people.

Rich: The scene in Gothenburg is really friendly and warm. It doesn’t take long time to get to know the people here. There’s no fighting and aggressive vibes, just love for the scene and the music. The cons with Gothenburg being such a small city is; if there’s more than one or two nice events with similar music on the same day it can be quite tough. We try to communicate with other arrangers and we believe thats appreciated.

Who do you consider to be the top, uprising techno producers in the world right now?

Petter B rises quickly with his own record label Bond. Recondite is another producer that has gotten a lot of attention lately with his industrial, moody, analog and minimalistic sound. Oh, and have a look at the young talented New York based producer Layton Giordani! He’s been releasing tracks with his big room techno style on labels such as Phobiq, Intec and Octopus Recordings.

And lastly, if you could go grab a beer at any bar with any famous musician in the world (dead or living), which bar would it be and with whom?

Mikael: Do I only have to choose one? 🙂

Rich: Jimi Hendrix. There’s a lot of bars I love in Gothenburg, but this time it would be The Rover at Andra Långgatan. I would show him my favorite beers (I’m a handcraft beer lover) and ask him what he would do now in his music career and what to do with all the tech stuff there are nowadays.

Leyla Ekelund

October 26 2015


Last Wednesday was a big day for Yaki-Da and Gothenburg’s music lovers when the club decided that the duo Talaboman was going to perform at the opening of the new absinth-bar.

The absinth-bar has always been the place to go if you want to dance and see alternative, underground DJs and producers and Yaki just hasn’t been the same the last couple of weeks when it’s been closed for renovations.

When going there the 21st our hopes were high especially for the DJ performance but also to see the brand new bar. And wow – the bar is no longer a bar. It’s a possessed freaking bedroom. It’s what a bedroom would look like if being set in a trippy LSD horror film with those red walls, tiny, white furniture and creepy laced up bed/DJ booth. They haven’t just pimped the visual aspect of the room but also the sound system. In earlier days the sound system was pretty shitty and sometimes ruined the experience when going there to see good bookings. Now, however, it’s so much better.

The music delivered by the two talented producers Axel Boman and John Talabot was pretty spot on. It was soft, but dancey and not too pretentious either. The support from Matt Karmil was really, really good as well consisting of cool, steady house setting the mood for the duo.

The dance floor was incredibly packed with people dancing side by side in motion from start to finish and everyone seemed to have an awesome time.

Overall, it was a really nice opening of the new dance floor and it’s great that the sound system finally matches the level and quality of their bookings.

Leyla Ekelund

Check out their upcoming awesome party here!

September 24 2015

This is the first part of our series of interviews with Gothenburg’s underground arrangers. First out is Frankie Statuto, the hispanic loverboy with a perticular love for green tea, music and his cat.

How did you end up in Gothenburg in the first place considering you were born and raised in Argentina? And how did you get into arranging parties here?

I think there might be 3 popular reasons that brings people to Gothenburg:   166946_10150376012196448_1464801627_n
1. Being a political Refugee
2. Studies
3. Love

Love was what brought me here at first and what kept me here as well.
There’s been some slight changes though: that person left me and I fell in love with the city instead.
Another theory is that the city kidnapped me and never let me go.

What do you think of the city? Are there any pros and cons?

PRO: The city is small. Summers are definitely on my list of ”things people should experience at least once in their life” (when it doesn’t rain the whole season).
CONS: The city is TOO small. And ”Sommaren är kort”- Tomas Ledin

You were living in Barcelona for some years, what was that like? And what’s the nightlife like there?

Barcelona is a great place to live at, at least once in your life as a student for at least a year. I happened to get stuck and lived there for four years.

Barcelona is a mix of a circus and a zoo, it’s a world inside a world like every big city. But it takes you four blocks of walking to see it all.
Buenos Aires where I come from is quite the same, a bit more violent though.

The nightlife there is quite different. It’s another culture in a different country.
Since it’s such a cosmopolitan you can find Pakistani or Indian guys selling beer cans from the street drains, spanish drags, pill-heads being half naked coming from an after party at midday, Pete Doherty copy-paste look-a-likes as he was when he newly started The Libertines band, Swedish skaters, English/Irish hooligans embarrassing themselves, being very loud and getting scamed by street dealers, heroin addicts – everything going on while nordic families walk their kids through Las ramblas.

Also the bars and clubs are less separatist in Barcelona compared to Gothenburg.
You can find a Swedish brat, an exchange student, a drag queen, a hippie with his dog, two heavy metal best friends, a hipster gay couple putting cocaine on his partner and blowing him on the toilet as well as an old prostitute and a sleesy small time pusher trying to get laid with a newly tattooed small town swedish girl.
I might be forgetting some other characters, but you can find all that in any popular and hip bar.

Barcelona fit me very well since I love diversity. I also think meeting people from different countries is important. I tend to embrace the fact that there’s life outside of high school!

On the other hand, economywise Barcelona sucks. Living there means shitty jobs and bad payment. Too much demand, too little offer.

Give us the best tip of a cool, underground club in Buenos Aires that plays awesome electronic music?

Honestly, I left my country more than 8 years ago. And I didn’t experience nor understand electronic music before I tried out MDMA (I’m not promoting drugs, only talking about my own experience; so please, you guys do not try this at home) in Barcelona.

But a good electronic underground club is NICETO CLUB, come to think of it I actually have some funny memories there.

You’re the arranger of two strong clubs here in Gbg; Wish You Were Queer and Apartment with totally different crowds and style of music. Why did you choose to start these two concepts?

Wish You Were Queer was something I always wanted to start for quite a while. Every Thursday I used to go to a very popular gay club at la [2] de Apolo. Everyone was so hip, trendy, pretty, high and horny dancing to 90’s underground house music.

Those kind of parties remind me to the ballroom scene in NYC which I watched in the movie ‘Paris is Burning’ (Too old to die young, but still too young to be at the ballroom) and the 90’s club ‘The Limelight’ located in NYC. I’ve watched plenty of documentaries about that club.

Of course the parties I went to were a bit more modern and not that spectacular.

Wish You Were Queer ended up being nothing like those clubs but people at WYWQ really know how to party, they like to dress up and just don’t give a fuck which I love!

My second club Apartment actually started because of my love for underground house music especially chicago house, which I got to hear through 70’s Disco. I am a big fan of the Studio 54 concept!

But unfortunately you can’t be playing house during the really late hours and that’s how techno started growing on me indirectly.

The first location was actually in an apartment at Sockerbruket with one of the best view in town and that’s how the club got its name.

Do you have any clubs/arrangers that you look up to as a guidance or inspiration?

Studio 54, The Limelight, Ballroom, Bowery savings bank (Capitale) – all of them from NYC.

I’ve only been to Capitale myself, the rest I’ve seen documentaries and pictures of. I wasn’t born by then or atleast too young for the bouncers to let me in, haha.

I don’t look up to any arrangers specifically, but I fully respect and admire underground arrangers that organize everything from scratch.
I do not look up to arrangers who have investors backing them up and are acting like ”dryga” Rockstars. Though I think pop-stars would suit more these times or even better; 2014 ”Hip-Hop”/Trap stars.
Just that kind of arrangers that go the easy way and book artists from big labels or agencies.

These kind of people usually don’t have the taste or eye to know which artist or producer that’ll be BIG before getting signed or simply catching attention.

I like arrangers who dig deep and find gems!

Speaking of music and clubs, we know your heart belongs to indie and foremost rock n roll so when are we gonna hear about Frankie’s newest clubsensation: the Indie Club?

I really do want to start an Indie Club, but there’s not much demand regarding the clientele and the Clubs owners. That makes me really sad when I think of it.
Would be fun to go to a club and listen to some guitars and garage sounds!

How about the other cities Illegal Ground regularily covers: what do you think of the clubs in STHLM and Paris?

Clubs in Stockholm are not as good as in Göteborg. That’s a fact.
People in Paris are way too snobby, at least in the clubs that I’ve been to.

Okay, we all know you’re a huuuge Party Boy but what do you enjoy doing when you’re not working or partying?

Make music, play records and drink green tea.

We heard from a validated source that you’re a co-owner of a cat! Tell us about him!

His name is Skalman and I think he is the first Dog-Cat species ever seen in this world. He’s needy as a dog but he hates water as all cats do.

Honestly he makes my life better. And I do feel him as being my little brother and my son at the same time.

What’s the plans ahead? For you personally but also for your babies; WYWQ & Apartment?

I will try to continue taking Wish You Were Queer to different cities, we were in Uppsala last year, arranging a Wish You Were Queer Festival and just try even more to be a HBTQIA platform for international artists here in Sweden.

It’s also Wish You Were Queer 1 Year Anniversary October 31st at Världskulturmuseet.
So do not miss that one, cause it’s going to be ‘The Party of the Year’!

Regarding Apartment I will try to and involve more live acts, like the party I’m arranging October 2nd. Absolute live, improvised and 100% dansable. The best upcoming swedish live acts will be there performing.

I’m also going to start a new club to try to merge all crowds together. A carefree, joyful, solidary club concept called Disco Collective. It’s obviously going to have disco as a platform aswell as funk, afro, nu-Funk etc.

Another thing I’ve been doing is speaking with the big hearted Mythos guys (they are arrangers that I admire professionally and personally) and they liked the special, very secret project I proposed to them.
Can’t really say much about it at the moment but it’s going to be BIG, well MASSIVE to be precise!

So which do YOU consider to be the best underground club in Gbg and also, which is by far the WORST?

I don’t really know which the worst underground clubs are, I tend to go to the better ones haha.

I don’t think there’s any best underground club in Gothenburg. Gothenburg needs to work a bit more from my point of view and standards. Not technically or bookingwise. It’s just a cultural thing. I think it’s more about the actual people. Gothenburg urges for a careless, carpe yolo dancefloor.

But there are a few great, hard working talented friends of mine who make Gothenburg the best city to party at in Sweden, that’s for sure!

Last but not least here comes one of our favourite questions; throw those guilty pleasures at us! Which songs are playing on loudest volume in your headphones when no one’s around?

I’m never afraid or guilty to sing out loud. I think I have the best taste in music in the world, like everyone in this ”business” thinks, haha.

But here are a few I simply cannot live without!

The Libertines – The Bucket Shop

Jovonn – Loosin’ My Mind

DJ Sneak – Funky Rythm

Iggy And The Stooges – Tight Pants

SCNTST – For Forest Play Only

Âme – Rej

Joe Tex – Aint Gonna Bump No More

LL Cool J (Ft Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe & Foxy Brown) – I shot Ya

Cevin Fisher – New York New York

Leyla Ekelund

Don’t forget to RSVP for next Apartment!

Aug 18 2015

Djungeltrumman WOW-Preparty
Aug 12

Hotel parties are the signature melody for Way Out West and this year was no exception. Djungeltrumman went big and fancy and invited us over for free beer at Clarion Hotel Post down by the central station. Everyone loves free beer and by the opening at 20:00 there was already a line of eager people waiting.

Throughout the evening there was a consistent flood of people coming and going but by the later hours people finally started to move to the great hip hop beats that Juliana Zapata provided us with.

As a friend phrased it: ”Everyone who considers themselves to be ‘someone’ is of course going to Djungeltrumman’s preparty” and unfortunately that showed. It was a bit too pretentious and a bit too much of the judgemental atmosphere that comes along with living in a small city but apart from that it was a nice warm up!

Nöjesguiden Day Party – Thursday
Aug 13

This hotel party took place at Scandic Hotel no 25 during the opening day of Way Out West when the weather gods finally brought the summer to town. The hotel itself is pretty difficult to find, being on the backside of an apartment complex facing the trams and trains going to the central station but despite the location a massive amount of people showed up and it got so packed at times that everyone was basically leaving sweat marks on each other.

However, on the contrary from the night before the crowd here were really relaxed and people seemed to have a really good time. Ikhana got massive applause after her great performance and in the crowd we could find ‘celebrities’ such as Timbuktu and Seinabo Sey just chilling.

It felt like one of those cool summer hang outs that you look forward to all year.

FINALEN – Venue: Mythos
Aug 15

We went to the hip hop party on Friday at Mythos and that one ended up in ‘This Fucking Sucks’ section so when being convinced by friends to go the next day AGAIN, we didn’t have too high hopes to be honest. But to our luck we were surprised!

The night was packed from start to finish and this time you had the option to dance to the regular electronic music at the smaller dance floor. That was probably the saving move for the night since it attracted people from the hip hop background as well as the techno fanatics.

The live acts were spot on this Saturday and among the artists we found Beatrice Eli, Mack Beats and Julia Adams. Compared to the evening before, this time people were dancing, twerking and just singing their heads off to their favourite artists and when the sun rose again people were still going strong – on all three dance floors.

It was a grand finale for sure and it ended the Way Out West week on a high.

Leyla Ekelund

15 July 2015

Goodlife / M2 Backyard


Gothenburg might be a small city compared to Paris, but expect to get surprised by its big cultural life. Magnus & Magnus is a restaurant/club that during the summer season opens up a Backyard for a relaxed and chill summer sessions. Goodlife is a hip hop/rnb/reggae/dancehall club, that runs every Monday through all summer. Do not expect the chill mood to last too long at this place.

When we enter around 11 PM the backyard already looks full, or at least we thought. Still in a warm-up vibe, some people are hanging on the stairs with cool beer and drinks, while others already got their dance moves going on the floor. Once again the palm trees are in their right place and the recurring tropical vibe that one might expect from a summer club, at least in Sweden, is definitely found here. There are actually 3 bars in this place, we prefer the backyard bar in the centre of attention. Although, rumor says that from now on there will also be a more of an underground DJ playing in one of the bars inside, this excites us! The club has a pretty good mix of guests, you’ll see some street fashionistas, dancers, hipsters and high heeled ladies coming here to enjoy their Monday, even if they are on vacation or not, people seem to get drawn to this place.

After midnight the place really hits it off. Insanely packed, smoke and heat is all over the place, a really fun and exciting atmosphere where even the people on the stairs are dancing. When 500 people fit into this cosy, not so big backyard, you know it’s popular! This evening, we didn’t really get what was expected music wise. Bear in mind that this was our third time at Goodlife, we thought all Mondays would deliver the same music. But when the tones becomes this smoky space beat, mixed with reggae, dancehall and a touch of trap, rather than pumping out billboards which usually is a safe card in many hip hop clubs, Goodlife shows us the ability of variation, and keeping the blood pumping. Obviously one should forget about having expectations, cause it appears to depend on the DJs, and also the crowds mood. If Monday was your boring day of the week, Goodlife will by all means change your mind.

And oh, don’t forget to order the ”Goodlife” beer, it’s like heroin!

Pernian Farahani

28 June 2015


Oh yes it is Friday again, and that means Nefertiti Dance Friday. A club that has during the last couple of months grown into a super liked and popular one. Illegal Ground has during the colder months visited this club a couple of times which ended up with some good reviews. How about making a summer edition out of it? Since the concept of a summer club is slightly different from the cosy dark clubs you visit during fall and winter, we were curious on how they would succeed.


NDF Summer Edition can in many ways seem similar to club Colors, in many ways not. Well, first of all the palm trees are in their right place, without them there just wouldn’t be a summer club. Then there is the decorated outdoor seating and and bar, (that also is mandatory for a summer club) which is super chill. Even if the summer weather still haven’t visited Gothenburg, the outdoor space just gives you a pleasant feeling. With the beats that are dropped, the dancing inside can get really, really hot. No worries, go outside, grab a smoke, a beer, or continue with your moves on the ”outdoor dance floor” where hits and goodies can be enjoyed among the Caribbean palm trees.

What NDF is pretty unique with among the clubs in Gothenburg is that they always seem to succeed with bringing a familiar and friendly mood to the club, and of course they know what beats to drop. It doesn’t matter if the place is packed or not, the welcoming feeling is running through the night and once you get inside you can start celebrating the night with the guests that basically becomes your Friday family. Even though some of the city’s image people have a tendency to get drawn to this place, longing to look good in front of the camera, the club remains having a relaxed mood. Hopefully this will not change.

Around 1 AM the live performance is on, Pearls Negras came all the way from Brazil to show us why nobody messes with their ass shaking. To be honest, we were quite surprised with how well the live performance turned out. The girls in Pearls Negras were just stunning and their music; trap beats along with Portuguese vocals and twerking made us all just want to stay inside and watch these beauties go hard core, they were killing it. For those who easily get bored by hearing hits on the floor, these live bookings are a good way to explore some new shit.

The summer edition of NDF is definitely still in game. Well done NDF, keep going with these exotic bookings and bring some fresh blood to our city!

Pernian Farahani

26 June 2015

COLORS Green Night 24/6 Premiär @ Yaki-Da. Live: Grillat & Grändy


When one of Gothenburgs most beloved summerclub is back in the city, and moreover in one of the biggest clubs in the city, the expectations and excitements are pretty high. COLORS is usually known for bringing a warm and pleasant atmosphere for all the hip hop, dancehall and funk lovers who are longing for some ass shaking in the middle of the week. The fact that swedes only party on weekends is really not on the agenda when Colors is running.

But we have some changes this summer. Yaki-Da is now the new home and residency of Colors, smart one! All the floors are opened up and you can hear the hip hop and trap beats on each and every one of them. The terrace is decorated with palms and joyful colors which gives us a rather tropical feeling, even the cold weather in Gothenburg can be forgotten for a while. Illegal Ground arrives at 11 pm, which is quite early for there is still some room left to be filled in this big space. As you enter you are facing a dilemma, should one go upstairs and explore what’s going on between all the stairs, or go directly out to the terrace and grab a snaps-drink? Since the event had spread the word of palm trees we just had to go out and take a look. Exotic and tropical are the first words that pops in mind. Palms they said and palms there were indeed, and the club sure reaches up to it’s name, are we in a Bollywood movie or what! Good atmosphere and just a pleasant funky vibe had taken over Yaki-Da, which had drawn attention to a new audience thanks to Colors. A very positive thing with this Wednesday night was the mixture of people, the high heeled diva was dancing next to a grungy hip hop crew that looks like they have just arrived from a basket ball game in Philly. It can actually be hard to succeed this in Gothenburg that in many cases tends to divide different groups of people. And then of course what we loved; all the dancing!

The club might be a bit expensive if you pay by the door, paying 200 swedish crowns every week might not be suitable for all people. But, with all the decorations, the huge place, good music and the experience you get, it’s worth the money! Colors will obviously remain one of the biggest summer clubs and their niche is still going strong. For those who are just longing for some vacation, want to be able to party besides weekends and LOVE dancing, it wouldn’t be so bad coming here every once in a while, whether you are occasionally in town or a Gothenburg born and raised, you have to try it out, it will keep the summer stay longer! It was also refreshing for Illegal Ground to step away from the Techno for a few hours. Check out our instagram @illegalground for colorful videos!

Next Wednesday COLORS will be all purple, don’t miss this:

Pernian Farahani

9 June 2015

Apartment #4: Dawid Dahl live set

Apartment is a club that has shown itself to be known for its quality bookings and this night Illegal Ground was more excited than normally ‘cause between 03-05 we found Dawid Dahl behind his synths, improvising better techno on spot than most DJs can find for their mixtapes.

The apartment was packed almost from the beginning and at 01 am Magnus Nylander (über) turned the temperature up with his drum based 90’s house. At 03 the music went quiet when Magnus left the DJ booth and the crowd waited eagerly to figure out why the music went silent. And the answer to their questions literally blew their socks off – with a big loud base tone Dawid Dahl started performing and the crowd went I N S A N E.

Before Dawid Dahl went on this was just a regular, good night at Apartment but this gifted artist raised the bar even higher. His intense, nightmarish techno went on, on and on for two whole hours and so did the dancing. The dance floor was moving in waves non stop and it felt like we for once left the shitty and small city Gothenburg and instead were moving to beats from bigger, more influential cities.

This is definitely an artist to keep your eyes on!

Leyla Ekelund

2 June 2015


We arrive at what is called the ‘Techno tunnel’ around 02 along side a flood of other people. What we notice is the age variation, we see people as young as 16 and as old as 40 fighting their way through the massive wind side by side. The tunnel itself is like a teleporter that takes us to Berlin. The walls are covered in graffiti and the minimalistic lightshow is just on spot.

At the beginning there is just TOO much people, its difficult to manouver closer to the DJ decks and most people are standing in circles simply talking to one another. After an hour or two a few have dropped off and left and that was when the real party started. People dancing for hours and hours on with a smile on their face to some of the best produced techno you can find here in Sweden.

Being given the best hours to play is one thing, but to keep dancing and shouting on a higher and higher level in this cold tunnel might seem difficult, but not for Abdulla Rashim. What one could really enjoy with his music, besides the fact that he played vinyl records, was the epic builds and drops in his music. Excellent techno indeed.

 What über really nailed this time was the ability to attract such a mixed audience to this cooold tunnel a little bit outside of the city. Just because it is 30th of May doesn’t mean that it is summer in Sweden. At 4 AM the club had its peak and during a few hours it was really difficult to move around because of the crowd. If one was a bit too far from the DJ booth, the sound  was not the best to be honest. But hey what can one expect from generators put in a long old tunnel, just fight your way to the front and enjoy the music along with the cool electric lights. Around 6 AM Magnus & Efraim plays a diversity of techno mixed with a couple of tones from Martin Novakowski, who we interviewed a few weaks ago. A great way to keep the audience going and at 07 people are STILL dancing!

We would like to thank Über once again for a really great experience and we are looking forward to see more of them this summer.

Pernian Farahani and Leyla Ekelund

11 maj 2015


Den 8e maj begav sig Illegal Ground till elektroniska baren Locatelli som lyser med sin neonskylt på övre Avenyn. Denna natt stod Odd Beat & Jeep Mang (Magnus Glädt och Andreas Ahlqvist) för musiken. Och wow wow, grym musik som tar oss bortanför gränserna och ner till solen i Spanien. Det är deep house på bästa nivå och riktigt imponerande.


Locatelli är i sig självt en riktig klassiker och den enda baren som fokuserar på underground elektronisk musik här i stan. Dock matchar inte barpriserna underjorden utan när vi beställer två mojitos får våra konton en chock när 250 spänn begärs. Annars har baren en väldigt härlig uteservering och riktigt fräscha sittplatser inomhus.

Fler barer med nischad elektronisk musik till folket, tack!

Leyla Ekelund

Andreas Ahlqvist:

Magnus Glädt:

4 maj 2015

Yaki Da: Preparty Into the valley

Into the Valley är en festival som tar plats i Rättvik varje sommar med en line up av riktigt bra producenter och stora namn. Detta år kan man se bland andra Four Tet, Motorcity Drum Ensemble, Âme, Joel Mull och  Nina Kraviz.

Som en upptakt och en uppvärmare till festivalen självt intog den Yaki Das välbekanta lokaler, men främst Absintbaren.

Kvällens artister var Bella Sarris, Eli Vervaine och Jessie Granqvist. En trio av grymma brudar helt enkelt.

Dansgolvet var knökat hela natten med massor av musikälskare. Det blir så varmt i lokalen av alla människor och deras dans att vi blir tvungna att ta lite luft emellanåt för att inte kola vippen. Riktigt härligt och det är så det ska vara!

Den som stod ut av de tre var Bella Sarris. Det var rytmiskt och höll oss fastnaglade vid absintbaren till stängning.

Detta var en väldigt bra förfest och lämnade oss riktigt nyfikna på själva festivalen som vi tror kommer att bli riktigt häftig med tanke på vad vi såg på Yaki denna helg.

Leyla Ekelund

Bella Sarris:

13 april 2015



Denna fredagen kunde ni finna Illegal Ground på baren Folk som på bara ett halvår lyckats ta göteborgarna med storm. Baren ligger i folkteatern och erbjuder middagsmat likväl som bärs och alkohol.

Baren är omåttligt populär och vi går dit utan någon större förhoppning om sittplatser i själva baren och med rätta så får vi sitta i den stora trätrappan som ligger lite avsides från baren.

I baren hittar vi diverse finöl och naturviner som får oss att fasa för våra plånböckers innehåll men blir positivt överraskade – det är inte särskilt dyrt alls. Vinet som vi dricker är gott och friskt, ölen likaså och vi trivs bra där i trätrappan med disco spelandes i bakgrunden.

Dock kan man kanske putsa upp det större utrymmet lite mer så att det blir lite mysigare och hemtrevligare som baren i sig faktiskt är.

Folk rekommenderas av Illegal Ground!

Leyla Ekelund

6 april 2015



Illegal Ground började kvällen med att dra till vår klassiker och favorit Yaki-Da. Som vanligt var det knökat med folk och milslånga köer till alla tre toaletter. Vi chillar lite i restaurangen vilken som alltid är trevlig och laid back men vid 03-tiden drar vi ner till absintbaren och finner där den grymme Matt Karmil.

Matt Karmil har tidigare intagit Yakis absintbar tillsammans med Kornél Kovács men denna gång var han där som ensamakt. Matt är en mycket, mycket duktig producent som kan sina grejer, men denna natt fann vi inte riktigt vad vi ville ha i hans DJ-set. Kan ha berott på att vi kom i sluttappen och att dansgolvet var fullt av män som avbröt vår dans med konstiga frågor och snuskiga förslag.

Yaki-Da levererar alltid helgrymma kvällar där man har roligt från öppning till stängning, därför märks det extra tydligt när en kväll som denna inte är helt på topp. Det kan i och för sig ha berott på att allt gött folk hängde på påskmiddagar hemma och att det istället var 90% män från landet som hade hittat till Yaki denna natt.

Alltså inget Yaki kan rå över.


Efter stängning på Yaki-Da var det dags för Illegal Ground att ta morgonen vidare till efterlängtade medlemsklubben Mythos. Vid 05 tiden kommer vi in till den rökiga enorma lagerlokalen där de flesta står och avnjuter transmusiken som spelas. Till våran förvåning blir det en relativt seg första timme då musiken nappar drag av whitetrash-ness och är heller inte i balans med ljusshowen som har en stor roll i hela upplevelsen. Med stängda ögon kunde man lätt avgöra att de vid ca 05:05 tiden bytte DJ, ingen som föll i smaken för Illegal Ground. En musik som ska höja pulsen, peppen och ens mood gav snarare känslan av att man befann sig på en halvkass, rysk undergroundklubb där eftersläntarna utgör dansgolvet då de är så borta och hallucinerar fram sin egen musik.

Tack och lov för bruden som steg på scen vid 06 tiden som tog tillbaka Mythosandan vi hade kommit för! Det spelas en mer rytmisk techno med toppar och dalar, ljusshowen blir bättre och vi är tillbaka till lagerlokalen efter att ha vistats i Moskva den senaste timmen.  I övrigt var stämningen som den brukar vara på Mythos, sådär kramgo och vänlig. I ett hörn finner vi en hångelhörna dit alla är välkomna att joina om man behöver vila fötterna från det intensiva dansgolvet. Häftig underground klubb med gäster som kommer för att lyssna på Berlin techno, hångla och festa till 8 på morgonen, Illegal ground hoppas att Mythos fortsätter ha klubbar regelbundet och att de håller igång den underbara svartklubbsvågen som intagit Göteborg den senaste tiden. Men snälla, bort med white trashen!

Här får ni en se en bit utav musiken som spelades utav vår favoritbrud:

Pernian Farahani

3 april 2015


Under skärtorsdagsnatten befann sig Illegal Ground på tre olika klubbar i vår älskade stad. De utvalda platserna blev kära Yaki-Da där Little Dragon samt Juliana Zapata stod för musiken, Nefertiti Dance Fridays – Girls Weekend och Rio Rio där Wish You Were Queer var i farten med Sailors & Sailor moon. Såhär tyckte Illegal Ground om klubbarna:

Skärtorsdagen på Yaki-Da! Dj’s: Little Dragon Soundsystem + Juliana Zapata

Vi ca 01 tiden tar vi röda mattan trapporna in till en av Göteborgs mest omtyckta klubbar. Vi tar oss upp till första våningen där blandade typer dansar loss till rökmaskinen i kombination till house och pop. I kaffebaren spelar Zapata Hip Hop och doften av Kaffe Karlsson flörtar med en redan innan man stiger in. Medan det tvärsöver hörs dunkande bas från coola Little Dragon Soundsystem. Även om det är mindre folk än vanligt på klubben under denna skärtorsdag lyckades Little Dragon leverera med sina härliga discobeats, samtidigt står Yukimi Nagano och dansar i ett hörn och njuter av sin egen konst. Det faktum att själva medlemmarna i detta härliga DJ-set bjuder på dans i den rökiga absintbaren bidrar till stämningen stort. Överlag har Yaki-Da haft livligare kvällar än denna, men vi är mycket nöjda med Little Dragons performance och vill gärna se mer! Nästa besök på klubben förväntas bli på påskafton.

Pernian Farahani

Smakprov från kvällen:

NEFERTITI DANCE FRIDAY ♀ GIRLS WEEKEND ♀ – 02/04 & 03/04 / Djs: Ylva&Ylva, Erika Cras, Ezzi, Dolfin Kibumbi m.m.

Fredagsklubben NDF slår på stort denna påskhelg och kör både skärtorsdag och lååångfredag. Eftersom klubben har öppet ända till 04 under skärtorsdagen blir det ett givet val för Illegal Ground som gärna festar så länge det går. Vid halv 3 snåret kommer vi in till den feta Hip hop klubben där Ylva & Ylva står för sexig Hip Hop och RnB. Även Nefertiti har denna afton aningen mindre gäster än vanligt, men det hindrar inte dessa fab girls att ösa på dansgolvet, för visst dansas det här! Det spelas nostalgiska hits till nya drop it low-toner. Det bästa är att våren även medfört att uteplatsen öppnat upp, där får vi höra en salig blandning utav dansvänliga hits, till och med rökarna står och shakear och det blir en mysig stämning trots att alla stället inte var fyllt. Mest troligt att det fylls under långfredagen med även fler tjejer som spelar them hip hop beats! Vi kan inte annat än älska denna danceclub.

Pernian Farahani

Dance dance dance mf’s:

♥⚢ Wish You Were Queer ⚧ Påsk ♥ Sailors & Sailor Moon ⚣♥

På skärtorsdagen intog den nya klassikern WYWQ båten Rio Rio för en riktig pangfest i sjömännens och Sailor Moons anda. Illegal Ground kommer dit vid 00-tiden och redan då är kön väldigt lång. Klubben är helt klart populär. Det finns två dansgolv, med hiphop eller Eurodisco/gamla dängor att välja på. Inget Illegal Ground vanligtvis lyssnar på men oj, vad kul vi hade! Man ska inte underskatta kraften som ligger i gamla dängor och den nostalgi som lockas fram efter en öl eller tretton. Det var rörelse på dansgolven hela natten och man blev nästan lite rädd att detta queer-sällskap skulle dansa båten till kanalens botten. Alla gäster verkade otroligt glada och vänligt inställda, det fanns riktiga hångelhörnor och det flirtades friskt överallt. Många var utklädda i festens tema och var man inte det så var det helt okej ändå. Detta är en klubb som förespråkar tolerans och kärlek vilket verkligen märktes igår natt. Vi lämnade inte båten förrän 4 h senare och det gjorde vi på topp. En riktig smashing hit! Illegal Ground rekommenderar Wish You Were Queer riktigt starkt!

Leyla Ekelund

30 mars 2015


I lördags befann sig Illegal Ground på den nya klubben Apartment. Det var andra gången som den intog Sockerbrukets snygga lokaler och lockade folk med riktigt bra bokningar!

Apartment är i just vad namnet säger – en lägenhet. Det är snygg, high end techno och house som spelas från 23 till sista gästen går. Inte bara är det en vacker lägenhet som allt tar plats i utan lokalen har dessutom en otrolig terrass med utsikt över älven och den mycket vackra elfsborgsbron.

Denna natt hade de bokat riktigt bra djs/producenter, bland annat Jens Wickelgren och Legion of Boom (Martin Nowakowski och Daniel Stranéus) som levererade fet musik vilken publiken älskade och dansade till som galna.

Ljusbilden var minimal men färggrann och utan någon rök att tappa bort sina vänner i.

Apartment lyfter det gamla vanliga konceptet med en undergroundklubb där det spelas techno och house, placerar det i en fancy, vacker miljö och skapar en ball och hipp medlemsklubb som känns exklusiv istället för trashig eller sunkig.

Illegal Ground rekommenderar Apartment riktigt starkt!

Här finns en länk till den grymma musiken som avslutade natten:

Leyla Ekelund

22 mars 2015


Igår begav sig Illegal Ground med höga förhoppningar till medlemsklubben über som denna natt hade tagit över Connecteds stammislokaler.

När vi kommer dit passerar vi källarvåningens fönster som vibrerar i takt med musiken som spelas där inne. Byggnaden ser ut som en gammal skolbyggnad och det blir nästan lite surrealistiskt att höra fönstren bullra i takt med nyproducerad techno medan den äldre byggnaden blickar ner på en.

Vi kommer dit ganska sent (eller kanske tidigt för vissa), vi är där vid 02 och hamnar i den långa kön in. Det är mycket folk och man ser att det är en klubb som lockar många typer av människor från varierande åldersgrupper.

Först finner vi ett loungerum för de som är för trötta eller tråkiga för att dansa och beger vi oss längre in hittar vi dansgolvet. Dansgolvet och den ack så viktiga baren. Dansgolvet är litet och badar i utspilld öl men über har verkligen lyckats produera fram en bunkerkänsla. Fönstren är täckta med svart plast och det är minimalt med ljus. Inga galna lasrar här inte, utan en mer nedtonad ljusbild. Mycket bra ljusinstallation tycker vi! Less is more osv.

Über gör alltid kvalitetsbokningar och så även denna gång. En av arrangörerna (Magnus Nylander) är själv en mycket bra DJ och man märker att de kan sina grejer. Denna gång höll Sthlm Murder Girls och Robert Leiner igång dansgolvet till max. Det var aldrig tomt utan alltid på gränsen till för trångt och folk dansade i timmar.

Om vi kom dit med höga förväntningar så lämnade vi definitivt inte klubben besvikna. Über är en klubb där man kan kosta på sig att ha höga förhoppningar för man vet nästan med 100% säkerhet att de kommer att leva upp till dem.

Illegal Ground rekommenderar über mycket varmt!

Eftersom det var fotoförbud i lokalen så ger vi er istället en bild av musiken som spelades:

Leyla Ekelund

17 Mars 2015

Nefertiti Dance Fridays


I ett mörkt och cosy Nefertiti tar kvällens DJs oss tillbaka till 90- och 00-talets glansdagar. Vi dansar oss svettiga till låtar som väcker fet nostalgi i våra hjärtan och går därifrån som pånyttfödda. På dansgolvet och baren finner vi välkända utklädnader som Posh Spice, 2 Pac, Trailor trash och även zig zag-benan & chokersen på sin rätta plats. Med sina galna temakvällar lockar Nef alltid de roligaste gästerna och på scenen spelas välkända Hip hop och RnB hits som kittlar nerverna.

Nefertiti Dance Fridays är en relativt nystartad fredagsklubb som under kort tid blivit mångas favorit. Dance, dance dance är förnamnet och klubben lever i alla lägen upp till sitt namn. Perfekt för dig som vill dansa av veckans stress och bara have a good time med dina vänner. Nef är även känd för sin magnifika uteterass som ploppar upp under sommarhalvåret. På stället finner du färgglada typer som inte är rädda för att bjuda på sig själva, med 120 kr inträde kan du drop it low fram till kl 3 på natten. Vi på Illegal Ground rekommenderar starkt!

Kolla in bilder från kvällen:

Nefertiti Dance Fridays:

Leyla Ekelund and Pernian Farahani


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