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April 19 2017

Wish You Were Queer feat. Zebra Katz


We all know Zebra Katz, the underground hip hop performer who owns every stage he stands upon. Wish You Were Queer’s celebrating their second, or is it third… year as a club and made the excellent decision of booking this icon.

I arrived around 00:30, in time for some get-down-on-da-floo’ moments before the big performance. As always, Wish You Were Queer offers us that perfect space to just feel good and empowered by the best tracks right now. Forget all that pretentious stuff going on in the underground – this is a time and place to just let go and dance!

After some time Zebra Katz appeared on stage, dressed in a futuristic suit with a heavily blinged mask. Throughout the entire performance he kept stripping off layers and layers of his outfit – keeping the crowd screaming for his fine ass.

Much like his great music, the performance was an honest and seductive punch in the face which kept the audience on their toes, waving their arms in sync with the beats. Zebra Katz made several trips down on the dance floor, merging with the crowd and just giving it his all.


After his planned performance was done, he made an impulsive decision taking over the DJ booth and really got the dance floor boiling. The last 30 minutes, the crowd had moved from the dance floor up on the stage instead, dancing ‘til the lights went on.

Overall, a very successful night and one hell of a birthday party for Wish You Were Queer.

Leyla Ekelund

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