Gothenburg is getting a new techno-club and it is probably the most comprehensive addition to the scene since a very long time. Behind it is Farok Shakarachi and his brother FaikShakarachi which is one of the halves from the DJ duo Shakarchi & Stranéus which are known for bangers such as Mogadishu. Faiks inspiration for the club stems partly from his experiences playing in Berlin but his new club isn’t a cliché copy paste of the typical “Berlin club”, it’s a club with its own feel.


The club shares its location with Port Du Soleil which maybe isn’t associated with the techno-scene, but don’t let that fool you, this place has the feeling of a hidden gem. The first impression that this club gives is the amount of thought and dedication that’s been given into it. The entrance to the club gives an underground vibe with a neon tunnel taking you to a dancefloor that’s blasting techno from Function-One speakers and a dancefloor illuminated by minimalistic LED-lamps. The white walls are struck with UV-lightning which gives the club its signature look. The finishing touch to the dancefloor is the beautiful art by Gothenburg based artists Jessica Sörenson and Sara Shakarachi that really ties the room and experience together.


Faik wants to challenge the scene and wants to see more diversity in scene that he thinks has become too homogenous. The people behind the decks are some of Sweden’s favourite DJs like Christine Friberg, Sandra Mosh, Magnus Nylander, Linny Hex, Edvin Wikner and of course Faik and Farokthemselves who are club residents. The club will also host international DJs like Federico Molinari and Malin Genie which had one of the most Shazamed songs last year at Dc10 Ibiza.


Next to the dancefloor you find a big outdoor area filled with flora and a Mexican food stand, Mexicano. Behind it are the critically acclaimed folks behind the Grano restaurant (Thomas Sjögren and Foxxen).


Whether you’re indoors enjoying the music or spending quality time outdoors you will be enjoying amazing nights with your friends with a gorgeous scenery and a great atmosphere.


The club premiers tomorrow (1st of June) and who better to introduce the club than Farok and Faik Shakarachi themselves.

Victor Abdalla