Press Release  – Kontakt The Martinez Brothers 

On the 12th of April one of our representatives had been to Kontakt at Berns in Stockholm to see the Martinez Brothers, Baba Stiltz, Bella Boo and Macan Lindström and Rastanils. 

This is what went down during the night: 

Baba Stiltz, a well-known Swedish house DJ and singer played at the big hall of Berns warming up before the Martinez Brothers –  he definitely succeeded in putting everyone in the right mood with his upbeat house set, doing what he does best! Bella Boo as well as Mackan Lindström & Rastanils were part of the pre-warming, three up and coming house Djs and Producers in the Swedish music scene.

Next up were the Martinez Brothers who is one of the most succesful global duos in the electronic scene right now and who played in Sweden for the first time that day. The brother’s duo set was a mixture of disco and house music as well as tech-house melodies. Notably, the duo are known for their long marathon dj sets,their label Cuttin’ Headz as well as for playing in venues and festivals around the world which are often sold out. What we think makes the Martinez Brothers unique is their energetic vibe that puts everyone in the right party mood. Their interaction with the audience and their ability to create a lively dancefloor is one of their niches next to their DJ skills. We even saw a fan giving them snus as a present, and they happily took it 😉 

The experience in the venue of Berns has also been very pleasant – we really liked how ‘Salongen’, the big dancehall is arranged. The DJ box is placed in such a way that people can dance on its sides, being closer to the person djing. This is the best part when your DJ idol is playing for snapping photos of them! This arrangement basically gives everyone the chance to experience the feeling of being closer to the Djs and makes the room more lively. Kudos!! 

The Källaren also deserves some praise. The sound system in that room is one of the best that Stockholm has to offer. 

What about the arrangers? Kontakt is a relatively new concept that has been formed with the aim of facilitating the contact between people and music – as their name suggests. The crew is part of the Monstera family of promoters which have been active for about 15 years, bringing some of the biggest international names to Sweden. So far Kontakt has really impressed the public with their bookings: from Nina Kraviz, to Stephan Bodzin, to Tale of Us and DJ Koze, the crew has definitely made a dynamic opening season. We are very much looking forward to see what they have in line for next fall.

Maria Pelagia