Today we’re meeting Dan Darco who is a Swedish techno-DJ based in Malmö and is locally known for Malmørave. You might have heard him at one of the clubs or festivals he’s played at, but if not, see him in Gothenburg next weekend (March the 2nd)


In short, who is Dan and how did you find the passion for techno? 


If you close your eyes in a dark room, you’ll find a white dot somewhere around the right corner inside of your eyes. Focus on that dot and you will understand. My passion for techno came when I was at a rave 2010 and I got really blown away. Never ever had I seen so many different people, cultures and colors being so united and with such a love that I had never encountered elsewhere. I still have that picture in my head and that’s what’s kept me rolling during these years. 

You’re known for various projects, tell me about Malmørave and what it is. 


I started with a project called Dark Special, then got a residency at Oskrivet, but I felt like ‘this is not me’. So, I started Malmørave with a vision of what Malmö really is. And that journey… Holy shit, words can’t explain those 4 years! 

Have you ever had a set that really stands out from the typical set, how? 


Most of my sets are like ”you will never know what’s coming”, but when we hosted the afterparty for Kiloton in 2014 and the venue was packed with over a thousand people. That night is one for the books!

Do you change your DJ-style depending if you’re playing at a festival or a club, in Berlin or back home?


I’m always me, constantly evolving. I love to DJ in the beginning of the night, creating the mood.

You’re coming to play at Tarantism 2nd of March in Gothenburg, but besides that, what is upcoming for you? 


Yes, I’m really thankful that SICKXS wanted me to be a resident at Tarantism, it’s always the perfect vibe there. Besides that, I’m off to Placebo in Uppsala in the end of March, Oslo in May and 3 weeks in Cuba in August for a couple of gigs around the island. 

Name one track that inspires you! 


Rrose – Incisors, because everything is possible. 


Victor Abdalla