90bis Invite #1

90 bis record label will spin some techno records at Tago Mago together with some beer n burgers. Kind of hard to say no to..

Club Trax : Ro Mania, la nouvelle scène électronique roumaine

Grande Marché de Stalingrad is entering the Romanian electronic world, hands up for this exploration process that brings together the best of 2 worlds/

Concrete: Dj Rush, Shlomo Live, Dj Sodeyama, Amarou

Shlomo is back for the millionth time at Concrete and we will still be his groupies. The live is another level though…

RAW x EXIL w/ Etapp Kyle, Under Black Helmet, Gijensu

At REX club things are going RAW and the underground techno artists will give you love until 7 AM straight.



The most secret party FB group like.. ever. But isn’t that simply all about underground?

Anticlub #4 — Le Turc Mecanique’s Magnificent Seven

Mixing Punk and Techno together will basically give you Anticlub.  La Station never dissapoints!

Pernian F.