Trailer Trash Disco
Mm who doesn’t love a night signified by a combo of trailer trash and disco?! Head over to Eli’s Corner to drink some beers while enjoying this rare occasion.

RITUS: Disc-o-Tech
Yeah by reading the name you can probably guess that RITUS is going for a night filled with their signum – tech house, at Boca-Boca.

Electric Dreams
You’ll find that most open air and rave lovers leave the comforting underground and’ll venture overground for a bit, only for this banging party at Hoki Moki.


Elevate Dance Club
Anna Kohlin is headlining this edition of Elevate at Boca-Boca.

Haus: Premiere
Well you can probably guess the genre of this new club at Lounge(s)! They’re kicking off the premiere with legend Olof Dreijer.

Leyla Ekelund