Ritus is a fairly new party organizer in Gothenburg and have recently been nominated by Nöjesguiden in the category “Best club in Gothenburg”. Today we are meeting three of the members behind the concept; Jonas Hallén, Filip Holm and Nicklas Kallstenius.


Who are you and how did you form?


The collective formed through meeting one another through their studies and parties and whilst Jonas is from the Gothenburg area and writes about music when he isn’t studying music business development, the other boys moved here. Filip has come from Stockholm and now studies sociology at the local university and Nicklas produces music as “Papa Nicolau” and studies biology. The idea to start a club came from Nicklas which has enjoyed the underground scene for a couple of years and is one of the resident DJs in Ritus. He asked a group of friends if anyone would be interested in running the project with him, and to his surprise, everyone joined in to help out.

We were really glad that Ritus has become such a great community, both among its organizers and its members.”


What’s the recipe to a great party?


“We are always looking for things to improve upon and love talking to our members at our rituals.”


The recipe for a great party stems from their name as it would turn out. Ritus is Latin for ritual which is what the organizers see the parties as, rituals. The idea is that a party is more than a DJ behind the decks. It’s also the surroundings; décor and anatmosphere that radiates inclusiveness. This turns out to be the core idea behind Ritus, to give a full party experience.


“The foundation of Ritus is to create a ritual for people to return to where they can meet old friends and make new ones. Ritus should always be a place where you can have fun, dance and relax to great house music while feeling safe. We want our members to take care of each other.” 


What do you think of the politics revolving the scene?


We think there are things that could be improved. There is obviously a demand for the kind of events that we create, and they need to be legitimized through policy.”

Gothenburg is branding itself as Sweden’s event city while the underground scene is not getting the attention it deserves and its contributions to the cultural life are neglected. Still, things are a lot better here in Gothenburg than in cities like Halmstad where the police did a razzia and shutdown a party or Malmöwhich also faces troubles with authorities right now.


How has the nomination for Gothenburg’s best club affected you?


“First and foremost, we are very honored to even have been considered for the prize! So, it’s definitely a confidence boost and proof that what we work so hard for is appreciated. It also spurs us to live up to the nomination and create an even better experience for our members.” 


Since their nomination they haven’t hosted any rituals so they’re not sure what effects this nomination has other than allowing themselves to set a higher bar for to make even better parties.


What’s next for Ritus?


Their next event will be a departure from their regular rituals and is to be held at Boca-Boca on the 8th of February and this time they’re going to try out something different, focusing more on disco and funkinfused house music.


And lastly, name one song each that you feel inspires you right now!



Mr President! By Edu Escartin & Rapa



Currency low by Off The Meds



A New you In’82 by Sheila Hutchinson-Whitt

Victor Abdalla