Linus Nyström aka Dj Speedway, is one of his kind:

Part of Street Life Rhythm, producer at District4 and Ultrasnurr, co-founder of the Underground Kult group, organiser of Uranus and of various UG afterparties, as well as former booker at Fristaden.

Hey Linus, thank you for agreeing to having a chat! What’s up and coming with you? Any new projects or gigs going on?

Yes, actually I have a bunch of new projects right now. I’m involved in a new venue in Stockholm called Nya Ritz. I hope this can be a new arena for the Stockholm underground scene to grow even more. I hope as many as possible will participate.

Last year I started my house-label Ultransnurr, to create a platform to release my own music. One thing led to another and now we are a few artists on the label. We plan to release 10 EPs during 2019, and 6 recorded mixes from different djs we know.

Which was the first rave you have been to and how did it feel?

My first rave was hyper hyper in 2008. I had never enjoyed going to clubs in the city, there was only drunk people who acted like it was their first time drinking. My friend had borrowed my ID the weekend before to go to hyper-hyper and persuaded me to join. When i entered the old fabric building i was stunned. Mostly because of the mixture of people that coexisted with each other. There was hooligans, graffiti writers, students and random weirdos just having fun together. No fighting, only fun.

What do you think about the Swedish UG scene and how has it changed over the years?

The underground scene is never consistent, it changes all the time. I think right now it’s full of creative people who really enjoy doing parties. I feel it’s a very friendly tone and different crews are supporting each other.

What’s a ‘UG vibe’ for you?

A place where everybody can feel welcome no matter who you are. For me it’s a place for the people who search something outside the thin commercial options of culture.

Best place you have played:

This new years party Tetris / mmmmm was very fun.

How did you come up with the alias dj Speedway?

I don’t know really. I think i tried to come up with a rhyme for “dj”.

Do you prefer to organise or to Dj/produce? What’s more challenging?

I prefer both. One thing inspires the other.

How would you describe your productions?

As different versions of ideas. Sometimes i feel like all my productions are the same, only in different versions or shapes.

Difference between Berlin and Stockholm UG scenes?

The main difference is probably that Berlin has regular venues that can offer the same freedom as the underground scene. The underground scene is not as big part of the techno scene in Berlin. In Stockholm, i believe the underground scene IS the techno scene.

Most memorable after party and why?

Haha wow, so many obscure pictures is going through my mind. Can’t really say.

Best BPM frequency?

Totally depends on the vibe of the room.

Most messed up thing you have seen at a party?  

A naked man partying with his naked friends, with his naked mom, all high on ecstasy. His mom was probably 65 years old, and she was holding onto a railing and shaking her body a lot, she looked super happy.

Longest hours you have partied non-stop?

Sometimes i stayed at the same club for more than 24 hours. Usually my New Year’s party ends up being a non-stop party for 3-4 for days. But then it has usually been a very long Christmas before, and when the New Year’s party stops every year, Damien Eies birthday starts.. So that’s like 3 weeks combined more or less only organising or partying.

Aspirations for the future?

I have huge plans for this summer. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to say anything yet, so keep your eyes open.

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