Jessie Granqvist is an already established DJ within the Swedish Techno scene; there is almost no weekend that you cannot catch her playing at a rave or at an established venue. Signed to Esperanto, Jessie has played among DJs such as Jeff Mills, Nina Kraviz and Marcel Dettmann as well as making appearances in Berlin, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Turkey  and UK.



Hey Jessie! Where can we see you playing in the following weeks?

Hi 🙂
The following weeks you can catch me at Under bron, in Stockholm 20/10. I’m a resident there so it feels like home and I always play in good company. This night includes CEM and Skatebård playing as well.

After that I will go straight to Uppsala and play at Omnia for the first time so that’s exciting!
The weekend after I play in Göteborg (26/10) at a underground club called Tekla with Efdemin among others. On the 27th I am going to be at Kameleont which is one of my absolute favorite underground crews in Stockholm!

How did you get into techno and what does it mean for you?

I was taken to a techno-party in 2010-ish and I instantly loved it! But the person who took me there refused to take me again. So I had to find the parties on my own and it is difficult because I didn’t knew anyone in the scene yet. I was on my own with my techno-cds, which I brought to a club for one of my first gigs. And I was lucky because there was ONE person at the club who liked what I played (The rest was requesting Swedish House Mafia). We became friends and he introduced me to the techno scene and a few months later I was going to techno parties several days a week and I got a residency at one of the biggest underground venues at that time in Stockholm. That year changed everything for me!
Techno is not just the music I love. It comes with the scene of fantastic creative people, beautiful mornings in the forests, a friendly environment for everybody no matter what you look like. I met many of my best friends through techno.
Of course everything is not perfect, there is a dark side too.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

Donato Dozzy and Nima Khak.

Which is the best venue you have played at?

It must be one of the fantastic underground venues in Stockholm. Some venues have only been used one time and then moved on to another venue next time so it’s hard to remember exactly.
When it comes to more regular venues and nightclubs I really love Ääniwalli in Helsinki and OHM in Berlin.

What do you think is missing from the Stockholm techno scene right now?

A small intimate after hours club. Our nightclubs are closing at three or five and after that there are not many options right now, especially when the summer is over and the open airs are done for the season.

Do you have in mind what type of set and tracks you will play before a gig or do you decide on the spot?

I prepare some tracks that I want to play but almost everytime I end up playing something completely different.

All time favourite mix?

Prince of denmark – Live at planet Uterus.

How would you define your style?

Organic, meditative and experimental mix of softer techno? Haha I really don’t know, this is a tough question to answer.

Do you have any other hobbies/interests besides Djing?

I love animals very very much!

Worst experience you had as a DJ?

Almost every gig between 2011 and 2015 maybe. I suffered of a massive stagefright!

I’m totally over it today though 🙂

Do you think that the rave scene is being attacked in Sweden?

It’s complicated, but yes I think the police is harassing the scene. The police resources are being used completely wrong. For example, I have friends that are going to court for having a private party in the forest for 20 people, and a couple of weeks ago two girls got arrested on the dance floor and got searched in front of everybody. It feels like the police are going for easy targets for the sake of statistics instead of focusing enough on heavy crimes like assault or rape.
So of course I have strong feelings and anger towards this, but I’m also tired of complaining about it since there are groups in society that are treated even worse by the police. I think we instead should try to focus on how we can make our scene better because there is a lot of bullshit going on even with the police out of the picture.
I do however have the feeling that society in general is getting more and more relaxed about the scene. You can hear dance music on the radio and commercial festivals are booking techno DJs.

What aspirations do you have as a Dj in the next few months?

Producing my own music is something that I am  trying to do more and more.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In a little red house far from Stockholm with my boyfriend, three dogs, one horse, two pigs and a crazy studio. And every weekend I have gigs and I am still going strong at raves and clubs.

Favorite movie?

Fucking Åmål and Titanic 4-ever.

Any advice you would give to upcoming Djs?

I got some advice coming from Fatboy Slim. The advice was to have a cool DJ-name, to always be 10% drunker than the crowd, something about hawaii-shirts and flip flops (?) and to love every track you play.

Also, record and upload mixes and don’t hesitate to ask for help from other DJs.

Maria Pelagia