Morfar Gingko & Pappa Ray Ray

At the bar on Södermalm they have a full schedule for the whole weekend starting Thursday. On Friday evening the music will mostly be played by Nibc and on Saturday you find Viktor Blomstergren taking place at the bar. Free entrance!


The dj Mika Snickars will run a nine hour long set this night, and there will also be a guest appearance: PRO424, who will go live during the evening. Music is acid, techno, trance, ambient.



There’s yet again a party at Kvarteret which is located in Slakthusområdet. This time the music is soft electronica with twists and turns, lineup: Moonilena, Yourhighness, Nima Khak, and plenty more.

Vibe Crib

Live djs and a cozy underground vibe is promised at this party, but you need to try and get invited! But it’s probably worth it with this lineup: Miss Dilemma, Andreas Franzén, Nassim Mehram and many more.

Långholmen ekar

At a smaller island north of Södermalm in Stockholm, two great venues are opening up for a dubble open air in one. The hosts are Big belly sound and Capital sound who together will create an amazing day. The lineup is yet to be released so stay tuned



This is a day party at a boat on Södermalm. There will be lot of music, people and thai food.