I guess most of you guys, like myself, went to the previous open air arranged by the Tresolár guys, considering it was p a c k e d. If you actually did manage to miss it, well then I’m happy to say that you’ve got another chance to experience the ultimate hippie open air this Saturday, now that Tresolár, and Nokturn Kulturförening (Halmstad) are joining forces.

Last year’s party was defined by its awesome DJs, the crowded dance floor and the infamous glitter bar, and this party won’t be much different with DJs such as Bomström and Pomona Dream behind the decks.

I asked one of the arrangers; Alexander Westerlund a few questions about what’s up this Saturday.

You’re FINALLY back with another open air, this time collaborating with Nokturn Kulturförening, how did that happen?

”When you’re out dancing early mornings you meet people… and especially one super duper friendly curly haired guy named Jesper pops up here and there. So we have been speaking about a collab couple of times and now here we are.”

Using only one sentence, how would you describe or summarize what we can expect from this upcoming party? 

”An 18 hour mini festival in the sunshine.”

And finally, what are your top favourite things about the GBG underground scene?

”The underground scene equals freedom, good vibes, giant smiles and a lot of pretty girls. – I was so surprised when I first found it as it made me fall in love with this city again.”

Don’t forget to sign up on the OSA-list of you wanna join!

Leyla Ekelund