Momentum is the new hip summer club at Brewhouse that really shines a light on our great underground arrangers. I got a hold of Christoffer Stigberg to have a chat about their Uppermuskel party this Saturday.

Tell us a little about the upcoming event at Momentum this Saturday!

”Momentum is the new summer club at Brewhouse, where they’re asking underground arrangers to come and throw great parties, basically. Obviously they asked us because we’re awesome at what we do. We are being given free rein to do whatever we like, so we decided to just take the chance and book the artists that we love!

We are also hosting a pre-party during the day outside of Brewhouse, but my best daytime-tip is to head to Porto Libre where Lakwizin Kreol is hosting an event!”

What’s Uppermuskel’s connection to Ilian Tape?

”Well, we really like them! They have an interesting vibe and the same mindset as us. They don’t want to be defined by one genre, but rather create a banquet of eclectic funkiness.”

You’ve booked two acts from the label, how would you choose to describe the Zenker Brothers and Stenny?

”The Zenker Brothers have almost a telepathic thing going on between them, and their sets are always bringing the party into a good vibe. They’re almost like a symbiotic machine that just keeps going and going.

Stenny on the other hand is a bit more like a mad professor. He is super professional and creates dirty sounds and almost like a liquid vibe.”

Brewhouse is an awesome venue easily modified by lights, what are your plans for the room?

”Well the Momentum crew are great with anything technical so they’ve really amped the place up with LED panels and cool lights, and we’re gonna add some fun Uppermuskel projections.”

Do you think the underground is now moving into the ”white” territories and clubs for good?

”For the culture this kind of thing doesn’t necessarily mean a move, but rather a broadening of the scene. We now have the ability to bring big artists and producers without any risk. Clubs like Momentum and the underground ones are gonna co-exist alongside each other.

And one important thing is that there are a lot of older people that has families and such that loves the music but don’t have the ability to go to underground parties. For them, this will be an opportunity to still be able to enjoy the great music.

And also, the underground scene is not available for everyone. You sort of have to be included by the community to be able to discover those parties. In that case a party like this at Brewhouse, can function as the pathway in.

The underground vibe can be created in a legal venue too. The crowd is also a part of creating the party and its vibe, so it goes both ways.”

You have just recently moved to Stockholm, what is your view of the different underground scenes of the two cities?

”The dedication and the drive are the same as here, but in Stockholm it feels like the culture is focused on the arrangers’ side of it, rather than the audience’s. It feels like people are not really interested in being there, that it’s rather a kind of ”cool” thing to do and that’s why people go. And also, everyone wants to be a DJ in Stockholm! There are some good clubs though, such as Botanica and Mål 2.

But in general it’s not the same friendly and nice setting as it is here in Gothenburg. It feels like people are really passionate about the scene and the parties here. It’s almost spiritual.”

Leyla Ekelund