Friday night Red Axes, the duo of friends Dori Sadovik and Nio Arz, will be playing their innovative electronic music at Trädgården. Also playing tonight: Mahsa, Rico Lee, Kristo and many more.

Södra Teatern

Dujaviba will ft. Manfred and Patrik this evening. The music will be minimalistic kicks mixed with heavy base and sometime during the night a secret guest will appear.


Parklek #3

This is a outdoor party where the ambition is to create a playground for adults. It takes place in a beautiful green area called Hellasgården and you’ll be able to swim, dance, eat and be merry. Free entrance!

Passionsfrukt Grim Woods

Progressive techno and trance is what you’ll get at this open air out in the woods. Playing tonight: Ty Tugwell, DJ Mato, Jairen and many more. Don’t forget to register!

Connection 2018 Teaser

The Red Dust Crew  and Technostate Sweden brings a taste of Connection Festival to Stockholm. Served tonight is some old school goa trance provided by both Swedish DJs and guests from abroad. The lineup: Etnica, Pleiadians, Miranda, Fantapsy, Nervo and more to come.



Baba Stiltz, the one and only, will be playing live for the second time ever in the middle of next week, this is something you don’t want to miss out on.

Karin Frid