Head over to M3 to see our some of GBG’s favourite underground DJs.

Strictly Vinyl
The Locus guys are jumping in behind the decks at Boca-Boca, doing a rare vinyl-only set.


Hela Dagen Lång
Yes, it’s that time of the year! Andra Långdagen is back, when the people of GBG takes the street and makes it their own. Our favourite DJs and arrangers will of course be taking part of this awesome day.

If you feel like Magnus Nylander, Christoffer Stigberg and Aron Mcfaul would be the best DJs to finish Andra Långdagen off, then you should definitely head here.

Blåkulla Events
If you feel like an after party in the forest with some psy-DJs rocking it out, then make sure to sign up here.

This house-focused mini club at Elis Corner is back.

Electrica – We are all equal
This is another open air, with music focused on goa, psy and techno.

Leyla Ekelund