P3 älskar Göteborg
P3 is taking over Trädgårn, throwing a free party with some of the best artists such as Familjen and Hästpojken.

PHLOX Opening night
This new cool club housing inside Hoki Moki is inviting Bud Stankz on stage for the night.

Way Out West Pre-Party
Head over to Yaki-Da for some of the best DJs and artists right now.

Grand Opening
El Barrio is throwing a party at M3, inviting some of GBGs best DJs such as Locus and Hinterhof.


Open Decks #6
Yup, we’re back at Studio HPKSM inviting new DJ talents to show us what they’ve got. This time it’s moved down into the basement where the dance floor and soundsystem are great. Still 100% free 😉

Sliten Popfest
If you feel like joining an underground pop party, well then this is your chance.

The tzar guys are making an appearance at Momentum, bringing Yoyaku, Cabanne and Oshana with them.

Leyla Ekelund