Tarantism GBG is a new underground club making its way into the Gothenburg club scene. We got a hold of Dennis Westberg who is behind it, to have a chat about the concept and upcoming events.

Hello! Tell us a little bit about Tarantism, the idea behind it and how it started?

Well, it all actually started a couple of weeks back when I was on my breakfast break at work, I had some really good music playing in my headphones and I got this really strong urge to go dance later that night.

After browsing the usual channels looking for a underground techno party I realized that there we’re not going to be a such for me to attend. That’s when I thought ”Hey! I’ll just have to put up my own party then!”

Then I started to make some phone calls. Within a couple of hours, with help from the lovely guys at SpotEvent Productions, I’d managed to get a sound and light rigg and a truck, all while I was still working, painting walls, making phone calls with my Bluetooth headset, haha.

I also got a hold of my dear friends ABSTRS, MXXIMUS, Adam Deez, Pia Picknick and Martina Menfors who we’re as excited as me and agreed to come and play at the party.

Later on I met up with some dear friends and techno enthusiasts, Adnan and Emma, who helped me out with setting up the rig. The location we picked was up on the hill behind ”Röda Sten”, a beautiful spot with both the sunset and sunrise joining us that night.

And then we just started started playing and dancing and when the morning came we could really feel that we had accomplished something special just by the power of everybody helping out and doing it because we love this shit. (Special thx to MXXIMUS for tuneing the sound, haha)

The idea for the name Tarantism actually came from my lovely friend Sandra. Tarantism is the word used for having an uncontrollable urge to dance and for using dancing to cure your melancholy.

You’ve stated that people will always be able to access your parties for free, what is the thought behind that?

My idea is that everybody should be able to come and dance and enjoy the music at our parties. Having a free entrance is risky and some would say stupid, but again, the guys at SpotEvent are really making this possible alongside with the DJs playing (I’ve booked friends of mine who likes the concept) and the people helping out and volunteering, the crew. Also choosing the ”open-air” concept is a big factor, because then we don’t have to pay any rent for a venue, which often is really expensive. If we would have the parties at a inside venue we would actually have no choice but to have an entrance-fee.

Neither the less there are costs. That’s why we’ve chose to ask people to donate whatever they want, IF they can, instead of paying for the entrance.

You’re hosting your second party this Tuesday (which I’m really looking forward to), what kind of vibe can we expect?

Yeah. That’s right. We’re celebrating our ”Nationaldag” here in Sweden on Wednesday, which means that most people have the day off on Wednesday. What better way to spend your morning of than to dancing at a techno party, right?

We’re gonna kick the night of at 19:00 with some housey techno and then slowly work our way up to a stone cold techno rave. We’re aiming for madness, haha.

Gothenburg has such a vital underground scene, in what way are you planning on contributing to it or elevating it to next level?

Well yes. Gothenburg has in my opinion the most active underground scene in all of Sweden, with so many great club’s and events going on every week that it’s sometimes feels like a blessing just to live here.

I would like, in any way that I can, to help out and contribute with anything I can to whoever is part of this pulsating and creative scene. All the people who have been doing this far longer than me have inspired me so much and I would like to say THANK YOU for all the great parties that I’ve got the chance to take part of and all the music you’ve made it possible for me to dance to. You are all my role models and I feel very humble towards stepping in to this scene and trying to make something of my own happen. You have all my respect and love

Which other underground clubs across the world do you draw inspiration from?

Inspiration for me comes in so many different forms and from so many different things. But my true love when it comes to techno clubs in other parts of the world lies with Kater Blau and Sisyphos in Berlin. That’s where I really feel at home and where I spent most time clubbing abroad.

And lastly, please tip us about your favourite mix that will really get the party started!

Wow. That’s a really tricky one. But any live-mix with Daniel Jaeger will get you in the right mood before you come and join us I think.

Leyla Ekelund

The DJs for the next party are:
Samuel L Session (Solid Beat, SLS, Klap Klap, Be as One)
Pau Singla/SIlez (Structured, Elektro Illegal)

Roberto Gonzales (The Villa)
Andreas Foxx (Foxysound, Secret Island) b2b Hot Flavor
Linton Lundin (Wunderbaum)
FiFFi (Rakoon Produktions)
Dan Darco (Inkognito Malmö)
Kristian Krän (Locus Soundsystem)
Pia Picknick
Adam Deez
Martina Menfors
Mika Williamson
Dennis Westberg (Tarantism Gbg)