Boca-Boca is the restaurant that took over the sweet spot in Rosenlund Gothenburg, which Fee Fi Fo Fum used to house in.

The place, formerly known for it’s very crowded and sweaty dance floor, has been remodeled and is now designed to get you as many square metres as possible dedicated to dancing. However, this has been done without losing the intimate and dungeon-like feel that this venue is known for.

Picking up where Fee Fi Fo Fum left off would be hard for anyone but despite this, Boca-Boca has managed to stay true to their own concept and keeps on throwing parties basically every weekend. So far they’ve hosted basically every known underground DJ of Gothenburg and just recently collaborated with Wave Festival, which had its pre party arranged at Boca Boca.

This place’s forté is definitely its terrace and outdoor area. It’s big, well distributed and nicely lit which makes it a great place to grab a beer at in the summer. It’s also very close to Yaki-Da and Pustervik (or the trams to any alternative club adventure out in the forests for that matter).

Leyla Ekelund