Releasefest Life10-11: Billie Jo & Linn Elisabet at Morfar Ginko & Pappa Ray Ray

On Friday the 11th of May 2018, our Stockholm reporter Maria Pelagia has been to the release EP party of Billie Jo and Linn Elisabet at Morfar Ginko & Pappa Ray Ray. Here are her thoughts about the event:


The place: Morfar Ginko & Pappa Ray Ray is one of the most unique places to go to when you are in Stockholm: the bar itself has hosted and hosts some of the biggest electronic music djs within the Swedish techno and house scene such as Axel Boman, Nima Khak, Jessie Granqvist, Polanco (Love Potion) just to name a few. Now, under the management of Anna Kiuru, there are regular Open Deck nights, showcasing upcoming and already established DJ talent, keeping the venue on the to-do list of Stockholmers. The setting of the bar itself can be considered as authentic as it consists of a regular first floor bar which is however followed by an underground dark cellar where you can also find a barber shop(!). Overall, with minimal lighting and a gritty atmosphere the place is suitable for an EP techno release.

Service-wise: 3 bars which makes the waiting time reasonable to get a drink. Cons: One bathroom for girls.

The Djs: Billie Jo is part of Street Life Rhythm, Rottweiler and WAV and has been an integral part of the Stockholm Underground scene. The same applies to Linn Elisabet,part of Nordanvind, Street Life Rhythm and Monument. Both girls presented their EP in the best possible way: with high-tempo energy and groovy dance moves. Whereas Linn Elizabet’s EP is filled with melodic and unsettling techno synths, Billie Jo chose to follow more progressive upbeat techno rhythms.

The night continued at a rave organised by Street Life Rhythm in Solna which lasted till 11 am.

Linn Elisabet EP

Billie Jo EP

Maria Pelagia