Faust x Karoussel : Patrick Topping, Paul Johnson, Timid Boy

This Friday it’s all about the House and English Tech-house at Faust, who by the by also has opened up their terrasse for sunny evenings.


APERO sur la terrasse du Wanderlust

When Spring/summer shows up it’s time for Wanderlust to open up its bars for exotic house and tech vibes. Just don’t confuse with Caméleon (old Nuba) when approaching quai d’Austerlitz.

Encore La Mamie’s! I Hate Models ⏤ Ancient Methods ⏤ Rrose

Get ready for that spooky techno at La Machine du Moulin Rouge, even though the crowd is young, their music is very appreciated.

Le Premier Anniversaire du Garage

Happy birthday Garage, turning one as a club is already going teenager. Free entry until midnight and you get electronic amusement until 7 AM..

Pernian F.