Donnie Castle is an up and coming producer from Gothenburg who is exploring different genres with a very uplifting curiosity. We got a hold of him for an interview about pretty much everything and anything.

Hello, how are you?

Hey! It’s all perfect.

Your PR manager told me you’re on your way to Spain, are you traveling for some nice gigs or mostly leisure?

I try to come down here once in a while just to clear my thoughts and create new projects.

Which is your favorite city in the world, and why?

I really like London! Good tempo and a lot of cool musicians everywhere.

I stumbled upon your music by accident and was really impressed by it. Tell us a little bit about it all, how did you get into producing music in the first place? And what/who has inspired you the most throughout the process?

I started producing music when the school felt too dragged out and I didn’t find the right place for me to complete my studies. I had a lot of free time back then, and as a producer, you do n’t really need a lot of band members. My inspiration generally comes from my own experiences.

You’ve released a full-length album called ‘Donnie’, this year, what’s the fuel and inspiration behind it?

It’s reflections from a period of feelings and thoughts that goes all the way back to 2014. The inspiration generally comes from anxiety, happy moments and visions of the future.

Considering you, like myself, are living in Gothenburg, what would you say are the pros and cons of trying to make it here – as an artist?

I, in particular, have not put a lot of identity in where I come from. I try to reach listeners and find people to work with from any places.

But on the other hand, Gothenburg has a lot of zen environments and creative people.

I wouldn’t really call them cons, but there is a strange hierarchy when it comes to all these posers in the club scene.

And what do you think of the Gothenburg nightlife?

I’m really more into the underground scene and some of the bigger events.

What are your plans for the summer? Any gigs for us to look forward to?

Just gonna keep riding this train and expand my music I guess, and yeah I have plans for some gigs in the near future, stay tuned.

And lastly, tip us of your favorite summer track!

”Spiritual but not Religious” by Oliver Koletzki

Leyla Ekelund