Cracki Party

When spring is on its way, its time for Cracki to start poppin’ around Paris. Renart live and eliott litrowski as dj-set, what a perfect spring.

Concrete x Spazio Disponibile

If you are searching for that rare and different techno, you will find it here. Spazio D has gone through Berghain, Panorama bar and all the way to Concrete.

La Hafla invite Le Caire / Acid Arab / Islam Chipsy / Rozzma

We never want to miss Acid Arab, this time you will catch them at Nuits Fauves to get that oriental techno going.

AAA : La Mamie’s All Night w/ Playin’ 4 the City (live)

The levels of the night will increase accordingly: Disco to House, deep house and techno.

Gang Des Mines #5 — Jacuzzi Boys live — Djs

The ones that have been to Gare des mines, don’t be confused, Gang des mines is the same thing, underground, dugdy and fuzzy. That dark place we need to get that good music.


Electric Feel #2 / Nuit indie synthwave electropop du Supersonic

Supersonic has a little mini all nighter festival with electropop that works its way to techno over time.

Pernian F.