Flash Cocotte

Finally Flash Cocotte is back to turn tables and basically throw out everything they have; house , funky disco, vintage vinyls, techno.. ALL you need is there!

Headon x Giegling x Rex Club 30 Years

As Rex club is celebrating 30 years of massive sound system and techno being spread to the parisian youngsters. That means that it will go non stop until 7 AM..

Week-end Ecologie et Développement durable #1

this you can reach by going all the way to The Hangar Bagnolet, it sucks that all the most worthy underground events have to be so far away in location, but once you get there you will have some new blood pumping in your veins, far away from all the commercial bots in the city.


Sunday Groove au Café Barge – Saison 3

Quai de la Rapée is the perfect spot to settle down during the sunny months in PAris. Great music coming from everywhere, bring your free alcohol and just go at it. Or you can also step in to Café Barge and get that Sunday Groove going.

Pernian F