29/3 Torsdag

Joris Voorn

Since it’s easter there’s a lot of free time, which means a lot of parties! So beginning on Thursday Stockholm is packed with things to do. Joris Voorn from the Netherlands will be playing at the venue Slakhuset. He’s been filling clubs with powerful melodies over the last 20 years and his music is a mix of house and techno.

Erectus XL #6

At Club Backdoor there will again be an erectus techno gay club, this time the easter edition. The night will hold deep and dark underground techno with a promise of pure dance. Playing this evening is CJ Bolland, Dansband3000, Kliin and others.

Tillsammans XL

It’s time for Sthlm Underground Sessions #4 this Thursday and it’s the easter special. At the venue Kraken which is placed in Slakthusområdet, there will be a night of techno. Amongst the DJs playing we find Amelie Lens from Belgium and Cari Lekebusch from Sweden.

30/3 Fredag

Under Bron

Friday too has some great parties going on, at the classic venue Under Bron there will be a Blocaus label night. Blocaus Series is a french techno label created two years ago, and this night Anetha, AWB and My Gander will all be playing their tunes into the night.

CM Invites – Nihad Tule

The Brass Bar, which is located at the Opera house in Stockholm will on Friday invite the Swedish producer Nihad Tule to play som techno music. His sound is simplistic and inspired by machines and also during the night Tules imprint Sloboda will be launched.


At a venue yet to be announced, Anstalten will give us a night with Jonas Kopp. The Argentinian believes his electronic techno music can connect people through art and the evening will surely not disappoint. Also playing is Anthony Drone.

31/3 Lördag

Sono Unica

This Saturday Sono Unica celebrates its fifth birthday! It all started as an open air one summer and now they will according to the event ”reminisce our past experiences and create new. This is our biggest yet”. The party takes place in the very centre of Stockholm at Berns and the lineup consists of Ada Kaleh România, Nu Zau, Sepp and Albol.

Teckmantel V

At Södra Teatern Teckmantel will be hosting a party to finance their fifth festival which takes place in summer. The music is electronic and according to the people behind the party, the festival is made with a low budget but with high quality.

1/4 Söndag

Funny Bunny Easter Masquerade

At Club Backdoor there’s a party even on Sunday this weekend. Easter is celebrated with techno and a masquerade where people are encouraged to dress up or maybe undress completely. On the techno floor Setaoc Mass and Nima Khak will be playing amongst others, while on the house floor Axel Boman and two others will turn up the volume.

Karin Frid