Under Bron

On Friday there will be tunes of electronic music and deep house at this club. Amongst the people laying you will find Volition Immanent, Maya Lourenco and Doviu.

Under Bron opens at 22:00 and close at 05:00.

Dujaviba #2

Dujaviba takes over Hobo in Stockholm for a night. Dujaviba is mostly known for parties where music and art in symbiosis is the main focus. This evening the DJs Patrik, Bill and Manfred will team up to play a mix of house and disco.

The evening starts early at 17:00.


Sacred Sessions

Aftermath Management are this Saturday hosting a party out in Solna north from Stockholm’s city centre. According to the event this is an event that will ”create a greater wholeness”. The music will be progressive and hypnotic techno.

Under Bron

On Saturday things will be happening again at Under Bron in Stockholm. A heavy lineup is presented which includes FIT Siegel, a distributor of house and techno from Detroit, USA. Also playing this night is Dungeon Acid with some more electronic vibes and Vicky Zissou.

Under Bron opens at 22:00 and close at 05:00.


At this club one of Sweden’s most booked DJs, Miss Dilemma will perform. Over the years she’s earned recognition for her mixing skills both on vinyl and digital. This evening she teams up with Fatima Osman for a tech house set. Also playing Saturday night is Rut Meyersson a.k.a Main Projects.

Karin Frid