DJ Lily’s most recent release BROR05 is an ode to pure techno and dance culture. The beats are captivating, hypnotic but yet very straightforward. The EP consists of three tracks, all of which are equally dance inducing, with the steady beats in focus. It’s minimalist techno at its best.

We got a hold of Martin Nowakowski himself, to talk a little bit about his newest release and about his future plans.

Tell us a little bit about this release, what inspired it?

To me, BROR05 could be seen as two releases – ”Kärlek” was made in January 2014 in my studio near Redbergsplatsen. The studio was housed in the Swedish National Radio’s (SR) old premises and I spent quite some time there for almost a year until everything got sold. Camilla came over to the studio one day and the idea about her whispering was really spontaneous and was made in one single take. When I was planning the EP I felt that I also wanted to present some of my more intensive productions, so I put those tracks together on the B-side. The tracks are actually untitled and the (forward/backward) part is just to make them searchable.

What’s your process like, creating music?

Producing to me is almost like a video game. I often program my music carte blanche, without any concept of what it is I’d like to present. I focus on the individual parts and slowly merge them together. I enjoy the randomness that can bring to the music and I love to surprise myself in terms of what the end product turns out to be. It’s always for the fun of it.
And what are the plans for the future music wise?I am presenting new artists to BROR this spring!  The next release will be an amazing 12″ by Tora Vinter, I’m also starting a second record label called ”Lilies” of which first release will see a track by me and a beautiful remix by Joel Alter working his Jor-El moniker. Following that I’m currently working on a various artist compilation for BROR, a second release for Lilies where I’ll remix Joel alongside an original by him, as well as my next EP as DJ Lily. All of this, except my EP, is planned to be released from May and tightly onwards.

Oh right, and I almost forgot, BROR and Jens Records are releasing a collaborative vinyl called BRORX1/Jens009 which will be released in June!

We really enjoy dancing to your captivating sets, when is your next DJ gig that we can look forward to?
I’d love to host a BROR label night this spring in connection with the next release, and I’m currently checking out possible venues. I promise to keep you informed 🙂

And lastly, please name one song that you feel truly inspires you as a person!

Leyla Ekelund