Techno has made its way onto Avenyn, and the arrangers at Tenn aren’t holding back. At all. Head over there, ‘cause awesome Acronym is setting the bar for this premiere.


Club Shiva
Place your ear towards the ground and the beat will guide you this sweet underground party (or simply sign up on the OSA-list). This party is focused on the faster beats, such as psytrance.

Carbon Based Life Forms
Truckstop Alaska is arranging one of their gatherings, this time being focused on electronic music!

Klubb Locus
Locus has found its way back to Pustervik, kicking the spring off with a sweet deep resident night.

Hoki Moki
Hoki Moki is doing a collab with Shelta and Puma, hosting Jireel, Denz and Seedy behind the decks.

Leyla Ekelund