We had a chance to interview the duo Wayward, to discuss their processes behind creating music together as well as their thoughts on London’s night life.

You just released  new tracks this year already, can we be hopeful for an album?

We wrote the 5 tracks from our the Good Afternoon Mr Magpie EP last summer. We tried pairing these up for singles but really they only made sense together – they kind of told the story of this period of time. It was never our plan to release a larger body of work but we love how it just kind of naturally fell into place. An album is definitely a goal we would like to achieve in the next couple of years but we’re going to focus on 12″ releases or singles for the time being!

How would you describe your own music?

It’s always difficult to describe your own music but we like to take influences from our musical tastes and not always fit into one specific style of production. We always pursue a sound that is emotive and always developing. Music that stands still is boring. We also like to combine organic, electronic and sampled textures which run through most of songs.

How did you guys meet? And what’s it like producing music together?

We first met at secondary school when we were 12/13 years old but didn’t become good friends until university. We started running a club night together and at some point decided it’d be a good idea to write some music. It’s been a pleasure writing and producing music together and our latest studio set up is allowing us to be at our most productive.

I can hear the Icelandic or at least Nordic influence in your track (even one of your songs is named Reykjavik), where does that connection stem from?

Love the fact you have heard that in our music. We’re very inspired by travel, watch a lot of Nordic Noir and find the culture really interesting. Actually the name, Reykjavik comes from watching timelapses of the northern lights while creating this track. Don’t ask why! but we had another window open next to Logic open with these videos playing on a loop while we were recording the synths – it must have been inspiring us at the time.

What are the pros and cons, regarding London’s night life?

This is a question we discuss a lot with other DJs and friends so glad you have asked us. On the whole we feel like London is suffering a bit at the moment. From visiting other cities, it becomes more obvious to us that London nightlife feels a bit organised, corporate and sterile. However, there’s some great stuff bubbling under the surface and like most places, nightlife in London is good if you know where to look. Near where we live in Manor House there are some fantastic warehouse parties that we have been enjoying recently and keeps us positive about our home city.

And which city would be your ideal one to play a gig at? 

Tokyo. We’ve never been and have always wanted to go!

Which is the most meaningful song/s to you guys personally, out of your entire catalogue?

It changes at any moment in time but Orissa will always be meaningful for a number of reasons. It marked a big shift in our lives and the direction of our music and listening to it will always bring back those feelings.

And lastly, please share with us your two favourite tracks to listen to on a rainy day!

Legacy – Monday Blues
Helps you feel positive on a grey day.

Instra:mental – Watching You
Moody but uplifting.

Leyla Ekelund