For the eleventh time club фомо will be happening this weekend on the 10th of March in Stockholm. фомо is a gay- and fetish membership club where visitors, according to the people behind it, can express themselves the way they want. Illegal Ground had a chat with M and L, two of the people organizing the event.

Tell us a bit about your concept, what is club фомо?

This is a club, that has techno and art in focus and this is where people can stay until morning. We try to create a safe environment for the LGTBQ and fetish communities. Our guests can experience freedom of sexual expression and acceptance. фомо was planned as a Swedish crossover between techno and the fetish scene, so that people, who are used to wear latex and queer clothes, as well as opening up their bodies more than it is allowed in a ordinaryclubs, can feel free to do so.

In the fetish scene, there are strict rules about what one should and should not wear, which can become a complicated border for the new friendly, but not readymembers to join.  We decided to go further and unite people from different subcultures and communities with similar lifestyles in order to offer everyonea more flexible dresscode.

We also wanted to make this club more open for the curious people, who is not ready to go all in, but want to feel how it is to challenge oneself visually and sexually.

So, the uniting aspect for everyone here is basically music and the party, but with more creativity from the fetish and gay scene.

What’s the reason behind creating the club?

Many of us and our friends travel to Berlin or Amsterdam and get inspired by the freedom of expression there as well as by the quality of musical development. Commercial clubs here in Sweden aren’t allowed to implement the door policy and it seems like we will never get the club we want because of these norms of organisation.

We felt that there is a gap here in Stockholm with so many rules and regulations that make the scene a bit monotonous.  We had to be creative and see different possibilities to get the idea to work.

What is your general opinion about the rave scene in Stockholm?

Despite the dominating negative prejudices in the Swedish society about raves, that they are being stoked by the authorities, the demand for technoparties here grows every day.  Even if it’s harder for “raves, or semi-legal gatherings, to keep going, there is still a loophole that makes it possible to organize private parties. Arranging techno parties demands a special character, experience and contacts, and there are not so many organizers who continue to do that year after year. We have friends that come from other countries and are very surprised by the fact that there is still a rave scene in Stockholm and that its living, especially in the summer, with all the openairs.

We are proud of our scene which is surviving despite the struggle. On the other side, the fact that there are so few organizers, who just occasionally change the names of their clubs, lead to the feeling that the scene is a bit homogenous . We wanted to contribute with a concept that stuck out, that can fill up the nisch. Like the alternative subculture in the existing subculture. A nasty babushka doll.

Do you have a favourite club in the city?

M: The fetish club Dekadance. It has been a homeclub for me for a long time and it is of course still a favourite one.

L:I have been hanging in Gallery 2:35.1 for a few years, and this has left a special place in my heart.

How did Stockholm become the city location of фомо?

Because we come from Stockholm and it is our home.

We know our crowd and many of our guests are our friends, who visit us constantly.

Have you ever organized any other clubs before?

M:Yes, Dekadance. It is a fetish club that has been existing for the last 14 years. It is a club with strict rules and a dresscode.I used to work there with PR and organisation.

L: I organized my first club when I was 17, it was a local techno club in Russia.

When I moved to Stockholm and united with a promoter of Socially Hazardous then the Russian Connection concept was born. People came to a theme underground party and dressed themselves up in Post soviet kitsch. It was fun. Now I can see this kitsch making big steps in the high fashion.

Tell us a little bit about you guys behind фомо, how come you started organizing clubs like this?

L: We just bumped in each other on a rave. M had a outstanding latex-dress, anime inspired, that amazed me. This boldness and confidence is something that I have always appreciated. I had an obtrusive idea that I just couldnt get rid of since my visits to Berghain and I just blurted it out and I got a great response on that.

M: Seems like this meeting was a perfect match as I come from a fetish/gay scene and L comes from underground techno scene and we understood that we both have something that we can contribute.

We always meet new artistic people who contribute. For instance last month we presented an installation of sculptor Isabella Asp Onsjö, last year we exhibited photography of Celine Barwich and Felix Swensson. Overall, we are very proud of our continuous collaboration with faux — pas decor collective, 3d visual artists Lateral Bears, who have their roots in the fetish scene and amazing graphic designer who can read my thoughts and who is also a great vinyl collector.

What can the people visiting фомо expect from the club?

A free zone for darkness, seduction, adventure and fierce dance in the group of like-minded people.It’s all about passion and honesty. We want our visitors to feel it. We want them to be surprised.We want them to hear new sound every time and embrace a new form of artistic expression and find a pleasure in it. We want to create an atmosphere of the club which we would love to go to ourselves. We all appreciate safety above everything, a safe space is important in order for our guests to feel secure and creative in their sexual expression.

We want every party to be a little revolution that takes the visitors further every time.

People tend to experiment more when they feel that it is safe and fully accepted.

For those who are interested in our policy, there is Code of Conduct on our webpage to read. We expect our guests to be aware of it.

What kind of music will be played at фомо?

It is a lot of classic minimalistic techno, also techno that is interlaced with EBM, punk and industrial, like you can hear in the production of aufnahme + wiedergabe and 47 imprints or the acid-gabber rhythms of the Danish underground scene. We always try to invite new interesting live acts and we try to be feministically equal in our bookings.

The sister queer club KOXБOX joins ФОМО for the second time and contributes with another floor with acid disco and weird house.

In your view, what’s the best ingredients to a really great club?

M: Haha what a question!

It should be secret, dark, sweaty, good soundsystem, music that makes you move wildly, safe, always a new experience. Where we dont always find everything and we need to look for it.

Last but not least, what are you most looking forward to with the next фомо club?

Solidarity, people coming to us with their friends and talking about their new sexual and social experiences. Great to see people coming from other countries, Great Britain, Germany, France, Ukraine, Denmark, USA, Israel, Turkey, etc who actually come back.

Karin Frid