Peggy Gou

Monstera & Slakthuset gives you the Berlin based korean dj Peggy Gou who will play at the venue Slakthuset on Saturday evening. Last year she had over 150 gigs around the world. She plays house-disco fusion and has won over many hearts already. Opening for Peggy Gou is Very Addictive and DISK Records. A sweaty night is promised.

The event starts at 22:00.


On Saturday around midnight the doors will open for a new great party at this gay- and fetish membership club. Since the summer of 2016 фомо has been hosting parties in Stockholm that play classic minimalistic techno mixed with EBM, punk and more industrial noice. The venue will be announced during the evening to the club members.

Techno Inferno x Monument

A rave that sets out to last for about 10 hours. Sweden meets Norway when Swedish Techno inferno and Norwegian Monument bring two high skilled dj and producers to Stockholms underground scene: [Dystopian, Plangent] and Shlømo [Delsin, Concrete]. The full line up includes five more acts. The party starts at 23:00 and the venue will be announced during the night.

Klubb Naket #3

For the third time the club called ”naked” will be happening in Stockholm on Saturday. In the middle of the city centre the doors open to this oasis for open minded people at 22:00. The venue is described as a queer fetish style electronic dance club by the people behind it. There’s two dance floors and amongst the people playing are Damien Eie (Street Life Rhythm) and Esther Rós.

Karin Frid