Apartment is one of the top underground clubs, which has throughout the years gained quite the following and the hype. This weekend the club is making an appearance at Hoki Moki, bringing along Hammer which we got a chance to interview.



Hi there! You’re booked to play a set here in Gothenburg this Saturday. What can we expect from your set?

Hello! I never really plan a set, every city has a different vibe so I just try to come prepared. I’m expecting more housey stuff but it really depends on the crowd, not me 🙂

Are you looking forward to travel to Gothenburg? Have you ever been here before?

Yes I can’t wait to get to Gothenburg, I’ve never been before and I’m looking forward to seeing what the club vibes are like. Will definitely check out the city more on Sunday too if I’m alive…

You just released an EP of yours, ‘C-space‘, what was the inspiration behind it?

As soon as I got my hands on the Poly800 synth, borrowed from the Bicep guys, I wanted to make something epic and spacey. The bassline was made on that and from there I just played about with layering sounds. I mainly just like playing about with synths and effects.

If you had to pick one favourite out of all your own songs, which one would you choose? And why?

Umm, by the time I’m finished working on them (I take a long time to finish stuff), I can feel a bit numb to my own tracks, and I rarely play my own stuff out. That said I have played C-Space out a lot recently, and Canna which was on my previous EP with Loft Records. So by reasoning, I would have to pick them, haha.

You’ve done some pretty elaborate collaborations with Bicep, tell us a little bit about the story behind how you guys first met? And what is the process behind making music together like?

Matt, Andy and myself have been friends from primary school, so probably from age 8. We played around every day in ponds and silly stuff like that, and also played mini rugby together. Then we went to high school together, and Matt and I also went to University together… So its been a while and we are very close. When we are in the studio we just hang out like friends do, have fun, play with synths and chat as much as possible until we find something we like. Its very organic and relaxed. We all have slightly different styles, so it’s all about bringing it together so everyone is happy.

What would you say has been your weirdest gig so far?

Probably a Ski lodge club in the Alps, I wasn’t expecting much at all. Turned up and the place was mental, full of Belfast people and ended up playing b2b with Denis Sulta for a few hours. Not very weird, but very unexpected!

Which is your favourite city to travel to, in regards of night life?

Historically for me it has to be Barcelona, a group of 15 friends, including Matt and Andy went to Sonar every year from age 17. We had some proper wild experiences, so it will always have place in my heart. Amsterdam wins too for me, its basically a giant adult playground – cycling from rave to rave at ADE is always a fun experience.

And lastly, please share one song with us that you feel has inspired you the most throughout the years!

Too many to choose from, but can never get enough of A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray. Or anything by Mathew Jonson!

Leyla Ekelund