‘Planet of Death’ marks a new phase in ishi vu’s life as a producer and possibly as a person. We all know him from his previous releases such as ‘O vad det låter bra‘ and ‘Green is the Colour of Love‘, which are the perfect chewing gum house tracks that really gets the party started. ‘Planet of Death’ however, takes us to a totally different party.

It’s borderline ambient with bits of Drum n Bass thrown into the mix, and as insane as it may sound – it really works. ishi vu is the kind of person that likes to push the boundaries in music, it doesn’t really matter if it’s at 04 am behind the decks at an underground club, or if it’s inside his studio – he is the kind of producer that will pretty much force you to reevaluate your opinions of genres and your own preferences. And while doing so, you’ll find yourself nodding along to Planet of Death’s captivating beats.

The first track of the EP, ‘Retina Scan’, is as bold as it can be. Redefining what dance music really is, and what electronic music really is about; it explores the sounds which can be created and which already has been created, in the past. The steady, ongoing beats with the looped synth creeping up on you in the background sets the mood for the entire EP.

It’s followed by the middle track ‘Touch of Cloth’, which is complex and hard to grasp. When you think you’ve ‘got it’, you realize that you really haven’t, and when it’s over it slips out of your mind, making every time you hear it again feel anew. It’s an elaborate track, close to genius and feels highly personal. ishi vu is also once again showing his incredible skills in well-timed, clever samplings.

The final track, and also the the title track ‘Planet of Death’, is different from the other two. The track has the ambient properties of the others, however this one does feel darker and more straightforward. Might it be the heavy beating of the bass that grounds it, or the distorted voice that fades in and out, whichever it might be; this track is the perfect way to end this EP. As bold and confident as it started.

Leyla Ekelund

‘Planet of Death’ is to be released on ishi vu’s own label Glum Trigger which is launched at the same time as the EP, and this Friday (23/2) marks the day of the release party in Gothenburg! Would you like to join? Then go ahead and send @glum_trigger, or @ishi___vu a DM on Instagram.