I doubt anyone is unaware of the fact that the guys behind Tzar are back with yet another awesome club night, although this time it’s bigger and cooler than ever. They’ve managed to find a brand new venue in Lindholmen, and by the looks of it; this night will definitely be a night to remember!

One of the peeps on the line up is Malmö’s finest Per Hammar. We got a hold of him for a few quick questions.

Hey Leyla, nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you too! We’re happy to see that you’re one of the DJs that are booked for Tzar’s upcoming event the 3rd of March. What do we have to look forward to, in regards of your set?

I’m actually really happy with my digging lately. Also I’ve met a lot of new friends that I’ve obviously that are very talented producers that I can share and swap music with.

In other words it’s gonna be some fresh upcoming quality stuff.

How did you get to know the guys behind Tzar?

Sweden is small. When you do what we do for over a decade you starting to know the key persons, which I have to say that these guys are.

First time I met them was when they booked me, Abdulla Rashim and Varg to an insane rave in the early spring in a abandoned train tunnel in Gothenburg. 3-4 years ago, I reckon. Think it’s quite a classic place nowadays.

My impression of them was really good, and since then we’ve been throwing a few Dirty Hands nights together. It’s always been quality vibes.

We often see you behind the decks at different venues here in Gothenburg, how would you compare our night life to the one in Malmö?

I’d say that it’s more welcoming in Gothenburg then in Malmö. I really like the scene in Malmö, but it’s very small. And in periods (like now) when it doesn’t happen that much, it can get very closed and introvert.

I think that Malmö would need to get inspired by Gothenburg and teach a new generation of promoters and DJ’s.

You arrange your own club Kiloton at Babel in Malmö, how would you describe a typical night out there?

Me and Kajsa that run our Kiloton nights changed venue from Babel to Inkonst, starting september 2017. Since Kajsa lives in Copenhagen and me Berlin, we want to focus on fewer nights, but with solid music.

So nowadays we throw nights once every second months, and we can really see an upswing in that concept. Often people come early and encamps the floor pretty promptly, and that’s something that we like and urges!

And lastly, please give us your best/favourite pre party track, that we can get pumped to before the party the 3rd!

Then I have to mention a track from my friend Samuels label Dahlia, and the first release there.

I kinda just wanna go on an adventure thru a jungle during the night, with a strong moon shine in the sky equipped with a machete, listening to this track.