La Galaxie Noire du Camion Bazar

Camion is trying to catch up the rep as the ”new Nuba”. And with this Galaxy theme, let’s see how far they can take us!


Vente au Kilo Emmaüs alternatives à La Station – Gare des mines

Give away kilos of clothes while you tap that techno beat in your glass. At Gare des mines is the real underground and thats where charity meets music!

Solcina Quartet / The Cat Is Dead / Belmont Witch (solo)

Gravity Music, Post Pop Lo Fi, Invaders Music.. That’s what explained for this event, that is freaky man, we don’t even understand this sh*t, that’s why we wanna go!

ROUE LIBRE ! w/ C_C ⊙ Lostsoundbytes ⊙ Piste Noire ⊙ Colt & more

Collectif 23 gives us an electronic show with Jazz fusion and bunch of other new dj:s. Let’s discover more in this city!

Pernian F.