Head over here for some Goa and classic ol’ Psytrance!

Göteborgs Film Festival: Opening Party
The most cultural week of the year is here, offering us a massive opening party with El Perro del Mar and Cherrie (among others) performing!

Rich and Sonic are the ones spinning records for the night, giving us the best techno there is.

Betty is a DJ that likes to mix influences from all different genres and backgrounds in an awesome manner.


BPM/ Electric Universe
This a very rare sight in GBG’s night club scene; it’s a massive trance party coming overground!

Connected OldSchool
If you’re ready for time travel in electronic music’s history, then head over here!

If you’re more into house rather than trance, Apartmen would be a good choice for you! Henrik Bergqvist is the headliner tonight.

Leyla Ekelund