Magnus Nylander
Our favourite tech-DJ in Gothenburg spins some awesome beats at Hoki Moki!

Connected Julestamp
If you feel like psytrance is the kind of christmas spirit that you need, then Connected is the place for you.

Laymin Sounds
This is the Jungle Bash that we all need. Some tropical vibes alongside the heavy beats are the best way to kick start christmas!

Locus X
Head over to m3 for some awesome deep beats by Locus.


Cazuma is spinning some records over at Elis Corner!

If you love techno as much as we do, Pustervik is the place for you to spend the evening of ‘dan före dopparedan’.


Trance with us
If you don’t feel like watching Donald Duck and his friends on christmas, and much rather would like the party; this is the party for you.


This club is back for yet another housey christmas party.

Wish You Were Queer
Hip Hop and 90’s pop music is the best ingredients used for xmas candy, so head over to SAK and get your dose!

Spinnrock – New Beginning
If you’d rather dance to heavier beats, this party offers just that!

Leyla Ekelund