15 Dec 2017

Nimway, an experimental soul born in Sweden with origins that go back to the Persian Empire. Known for creating home made organic sounds to his tracks, like paper, pasta, gravel and more. Currently located in San Francisco, USA, to continue his studies in Biochemistry along side his music project. His album, Organic Chemistry LP was released in November this year and as mentioned is inspired by sounds from natural sources. Let’s see if we can dig a little deeper into his projects and see what the hell he is tripping on.


We at IG are amazed by your unique niche in your music. When did you start experimenting with music?

I started out experimenting with rap and chopping samples about 10 years ago in my friend Jonatan Berkos basement, recording our first, forever hidden tracks.

Tell us about your music career, where did you start your journey?

The journey started when I met Mikael, also known as MIKI, and the other members from Beatslingers. These guys where steps ahead of the producer scene in a technical aspect at that time. Accordingly, we started a music studio and collective called The Order, with main focus on swedish hip hop and soul. Couple of years later, I moved to Lund to start my academical career, hence initiating my own musical journey based on my preferences. A major key for the progress of this album has been due to my close friend Pjay Parisi, a catalyser and inspiration.

Give us your top 3 sources of  inspo for your album?

I find A LOT of artists inspiring. The album is quite a melt pot of specific ideas acquired during an extensive period. To name a few. J Dillas kick, snare and bass dynamic and overall being. Schlømo-Bad Vibes, amazing raw emotional soundscapes, truly oriental poetry. Trentemöller, soundpanning and dynamic minimalism.

Your niche is to create organic music, tell us more about what that exactly means. (Your methods).

Organic Chemistry LP derives from the start of a new era, a solo project that started during my first year at the department of Chemistry at Lunds University. It marks a defined meaningful and reflective period both in my life and music progression.

The music originates around manually recorded sounds from natural sources, that are gradually audio modified and incorporated into rhythmic growing soundscapes. To give an example, in one of my tracks (can you guess which one?) I decided to put dry pasta in one of my old lunch boxes to create an organic beat. Wrinkled paper and gravel are also examples of my experiments in my beats.nimakarimi

What artists inspire you in your work?

Passionate and humble people with discipline, their craft is secondary in regards to inspiration.

What current song do you wish you would have produced?

Currently I am vibing with Jay Z – The Story of OJ produced by NO ID. Amazing track! Quite poetic. Very impressive.

Tell us about the best concert you have ever been to.

I would say Flying Lotus + Solange at Berkeley Greek Theatre. A truly incredible experience.

What is your favorite track from your album and why?

Hmm, tough one. DDD, mainly due to the bass mix, and how the segments intertwine. The arrangement resembles a classic opera.

And finally, if you were a drug, which one would you be?


/Pernian Farahani

Listen to his album Organic Chemistry LP here

Also, check out Nimway’s artistic and trippy video for ”Tryptokos”. An experimental collaboration work, in which Japanese animation artist Kaoru Furuko has interpreted and visualised together with Nimways music into an animated video by combining several different animation techniques. An audiovisual trip through the mechanisms of an unexplored organic world.