A pretty sweet option if you’re in for hiphop, rnb and dancehall.

Live @ Inkonst’s blackbox: Bohren & der Club of Gore
Music described as doomjazz or noirjazz. Most definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Discoteque Shameless
Shameless crew absolutely killed it at the premiere a few weeks ago and they will most likely do it again this weekend. A vibrant crowd and several mad artists supplying soul/funk/disco/techno.

Spazio presents: Umfang & Almaty
We’re all thrilled to see one of the founders of Discwoman, Umfang, along with Malmö classic Almaty and Spazio residents Inkonst. Once again: Spazio crew! Merci beaucoup.

Frida Scar is performing live at Babel and as if that’s not enough – Stockholm finest Johanna Beckman among other celebrated artists will be there to keep us heated.

Palle Tenfalk and Martin Lundin, known from heaps of different clubs, events and labels, are taking over the cocktail dungeon at Södra Skolgatan.

Alice Dadgostar