PPP-Gathering #3
One or two drinks are mandatory at Little Finger Gallery if you want to celebrate the weekend properly. A laidback crowd and good music.


Klubb Döden pres. Vortex takeover
It was packed last time – we can only imagine what will go down this weekend. Safe card.

From one Vortex takeover to another: the choice is easy. You’ll definitely be in for an all nighter with a line-up like this. Don’t forget to register.

We all know the drill. The Oskrivet group has been producing heaps and heaps of parties by this time of the year. It’s dark, dj:s are local and crowd is intense.

Embrace the Madness
If you’re up for psy darkness, you’re in for a treat. Seven and a half hour of madness. Don’t forget to register at

Treat Yo Self
Perhaps you’re not in the mood for techno exclusively – that’s okay. Moriskan is offering an excellent alternative, a pretty lit mix of everything.

Alice Dadgostar