Concrete: Perc, Henning Baer, ABSL, Phuong-Dan

Welcome into the boat to celebrate yet another Friday evening on Concrete. The parisian Titanic with open wooden floor in the chilly wet weather never sits bad on a weekend start like this.

Ofenbach x Zig Zag

At Zig Zag club we all have the honor to see our two parisian princes with their funky deep house pop mix all night long until 6 AM!!


Bonobo Live : Zenith, Paris

What many reckon is that Mr Simon Green (Bonobo) here is a british lad. Zenith will show some downtempo beats and hopefully play some of his old gold tracks like Kong..


Tap Water Jam : La Villette (+ Raza & Koffi dance workshop)

If you are into some form of deep, quarter psychedelic house tracks, then please by all means join the coocooness at La Villette.

Pernian F.