Ludd is the new club concept that is overtaking Pustervik every Wednesday night this fall. The focus is experimental techno that will blow your mind, and tomorrow will be quite special in that regard.

The line up for the night consists of two awesome techno connoisseurs, one of them travelling all the way from Madrid; HD Substance. Being heavily influenced by great music ranging from Detroit techno and acid house, HD Substance has managed to create his own unique and distinctive sound that puts him at the top with some of the best techno DJs in the world.

We’d be satisfied with one techno mogul to get hypnotized by for the night, but HD Substance is not the only one taking the stand behind the DJ decks this Wednesday. Legendary David Smallbone is bringing along his synths and drum machines to give us a live performance to really rememeber.

The arrangers Jonas Nyberg and Robert Leiner have decided that for the night, move the club upstairs to really give us the ultimate experience. And to really top it off; no entrance fee!

Leyla Ekelund

Have a look at the performance of Luke Eargoggle at Ludd: