Kornél Kovàcs & Petter Nordkvist
These two funky DJ legends behind Studio Barnhus are spinning tracks b2b at Hoki Moki.

Mobilegirl & Sylvere
Trunkfunk never lets us down! Mobilegirl is rising to the top and you should definitely not miss out on the opportunity to sweat to her heavy beats at Yaki tonight.

Trance with Us
If you’re craving for some trance, then this is definitely (and obviously) the party for you!

M2 opens up its doors for yet another night focused on electronic music. This time around they’ve decided to book Clara Couvé, straight from Berlin.


Folk has been around for three years now and has really been established as the go-to place in regards of organic wine and chill evenings. This birthday needs a celebration, and that is exactly what FOLK is throwing this Saturday.

Börft Records
Truckstop Alaska is known for its quality bookings in regards to live performances, and it’s incredibly fun to see a party of theirs being focused on electronic music.

Yes, Apartment is back after a smashing WOW-weekend. The DJs for the night are Krål (Uppermuskel) and Nibc (Trunkfunk) among others.

Leyla Ekelund