This new aw concept is focused on serving us the best within ambient and techno, while we munch on those super cheap pizza slices!


Shakarchi & Stranéus
These two GBG legends are landing behind the DJ decks at Hoki Moki, while of course; bringing along their awesome house music.

Elis Corner seems to be the new Fee Fi Fo Fum, offering us weekend nights packed with great electronic music delivered by our favourite local DJs. This Saturday Linton Lundin and Malice will be serving us that sweet house.

Our favourite hip hop group Huset performs for us live at Sticky. Expect nothing less than mayhem.

Claudia and Benny’s psychedelic Bday Bash
These two are some heavy weight arrangers within the psytrance scene and we’re not surprised they’re throwing a major birthday celebration open for all of us dancers.

Leyla Ekelund