Plan B
Yes! Queer night all night. I’d say Wild Wild Wet will be just as wet and wild as it seems. Heaps of fun dj:s, people plus Queer Cult Burlesque on stage. Don’t forget to register.

Rytm und Melodi #4
Music and art, brought by Pitch9. It’s everything you can ask for electronicawise, something I’d highly recommend to visit at least an hour or two (or all four) before heading elsewhere. Inkonst is killing it as always.

MC Lyte live + afterparty
Queen of rap live on stage at Babel, followed by more hiphop, rap, afrobeats and dancehall.

Thirsty @ BELLE
Even if it’s just for one drink, make sure to swing by BELLE. Rnb, soul and funk. It’s a classic.

Another classic: BABY at Moriskan, our go to-club for a mix of old and new hiphop, rnb and trap. By dj Swedbank among others.


Black Box Disco Club
Just the fact that Kontra-Musik is hosting makes me more than sure that this is going to be good. If you’re still not convinced, check out the line-up!

I’d say you don’t have much choice other than to run from Inkonst to Trolldans. Last time I saw Sebastian Mullaert was together with Ulf Eriksson as the final act at Gather Festival and it was LIT. Esperanto lord Johanna Schneider doesn’t need much introduction, she’s been in the game for a long time. In addition, Trolldans itself is reason enough to pull an all nighter.

Alice Dadgostar