Ishi vu
This rising star and now label owner is turning the heat up at Hoki Moki this Friday!

Farewell Fee Fi Fo Fum
Our favourite dance mecca is closing for good, leaving us with aching hearts. This last weekend however, is a banging good bye. Friday is the day where DJ Lily, Robert Leiner, Olof Heinö/Ekvatorbaren, Johanna & Anna, UFO, Arkajo and Shakarchi & Stranéus get the dance floor boiling! (pretickets only!)

Magnus x4
Magnus Glädt and Magnus Nylander team up to give us a techy night at Magnus and Magnus. If your name also happens to be Magnus, you’re granted free entrance!


Farewell Fee Fi Fo Fum
For the finale, the guys behind Fee Fi have decided to book another long erray of Gothenburg legends. They are DJ Seen aka Seren, Cazuma, Lucas Viroglio, David, Smallbone, Dimitrios K, VibeTribe aka Nylander/Glädt/Iles and Fabian Bruhn. (pretickets only)

Leyla Ekelund