PARIS 29/9 – 1/10


Open Minded présente Frapcore Party

If you’ve ever been to an Open Minded party here in Paris before, you probably are familiar with the variation of electro they put on the set. This time you will have some hardcore beats at this HARD Frapcore Party.


Bicrave #Sahara : Jorrdee x Retro X x Zuukou Mayzie le BG 667

Another rave venue, but this time its located in Pigalle. We were hoping to see some burlesque being involved so basically we have to go there and find out the hardcore level of the night. So Bicrave at Chez Moune is the next on our list to discover. Being high will probably help.

INSoMNia . Barac & Gescu ( 4 hours set ) – Gab Jr.

La Machine du Moulin Rouge is back with Insomniac and this time we get a 4 hour set wth Barac & Gesc, they are both so hot jeez.


Casual Gabberz – Hard in the Morning

This is not that morning wood we all know about, however it is nice to hear some hard techno beats 7 AM when you are still looking for that long lost after party. Well, here it is!

Hip-hop Brunch #saison2 // Djs, Pancakes & Milkshakes

How about curing that hangover with some hip hop brunch while you much your way into harem.

Pernian F.