La Mooglie’s Jungle Boogie

Le Petit Bain is following up on Disco Funk, that is taking a serious hit in our city. Don’t boogie too much or the boat might make you wet.


HEAT xRun The Trap: Stööki Sound High Klassified Alexander Lewis

Last time we saw Stööki Sound was the show together with our trap prince Hucci. With smoke in the air, jumping crowd and spooky trap beats making you feel like a haunted drug dealer on Prosac. Let’s see if they will deliver the same atmo. this Friday.


Hito with Peggy Gou, TOM, Wlderz, moms, Tomar, Thomas Delecroix @ Glazart

IT’s still not too late to get the last out of the ”summer”. At Glazart we have some interesting combo sets that would hopefully give a heavy electronic show.

Concrete: Palms Trax, ItaloJohnson, Sweely live, San Proper

Palms Trax might not do an all-nighter at Concrete, but even 2 hours is enough to make our feet warm and our ears deaf. Yes we want that Techno.


Sunday Groove – Hiphop x Open air

We usually hear about the underground open airs, but how about hip hop OA for a change. Exactly what is needed to cure the hangover.